The 11 best Disney Channel series to watch on Disney+

Chain disney channel marked and continues to mark the lives of many young people and adolescents with their series iconic, like the Wizards of Waverly Place and jessy.

However, with the arrival of Disney+ broadcast, many ended up leaving these productions aside, but you can still watch the best ones on streaming. So, check out the top 11 below. series of the channel available on the platform!

11. Jessy

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It is one of the biggest hits of the channel and you can enjoy it on the platform and remember all the great adventures that the youngest beloved nanny has had in New York.

Besides, jessy it is certainly one of series from Disney Channel most remembered to this day, as he introduced the world to such big-screen names as Cameron Boyce and Debby Ryan.

10. Kim Possible

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Another series which is available on Disney+ so that platform subscribers can enjoy it at any time is Kim possibleone of the channel’s most famous animations and which is a success to date.

The production mixes action, adventure, comedy and very striking characters who embark on missions against iconic villains, in addition to being ideal to watch with the whole family during a day of leisure or even alone.

9. Phineas and Ferb

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Speaking of animation and Disney Channel Serieswe couldn’t fail to mention the iconic show Phineas and Ferbwho accompanied the two brothers on their undercover missions that freaked out their sister when she tried to tell their mother about it.

In addition to the classic brothers, the animation Available on Disney+ it also featured some great characters who are a hit to this day, like Perry the Platypus and the channel’s most beloved villain, Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

8. Zack and Cody: twins on board

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It’s probably one of the channel’s most beloved series and marked the childhood and adolescence of many, while introducing the world to the iconic Sprouse twins, who brought protagonists Zack and Cody to life.

So the plot of this series of disney channel accompanied the two brothers aboard a ship that had a restaurant, a school and many adventures, in addition to the great secondary characters of the series, such as Maddie and Carey and Muriel and Esteban.

7. Gravity Falls

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Another channel animation that is available on the Disney+ broadcast, Gravity Falls it’s probably the biggest point on the network’s curve in terms of kids’ programming, as it’s a much darker production.

THE series revolves around brothers Dipper and Mabel Pines as they visit Gravity Falls to spend time with their great-uncle Stan Pines. But everything changes with the dark and supernatural adventures they encounter.

6. Lizzie McGuire: A Pop Star’s Dream

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Lizzie McGuire: a pop star’s dream was one of the big bets of the disney channel and became the greatest series the channel’s ratings at the time, as well as the introduction to the world of Even Stevens and Hillary Duff.

The show is available on Disney+ and subscribers can take the opportunity to re-watch the plot of Hillary and her group of friends, Gordo (Adam Lamberg) and Miranda (Lalaine), as they venture into high school situations.

5. Agent KC

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With an Emmy winner, Zendayabringing the main character to life, CC Agent is a not so old production of the channel and one of the best known of the young generation of young people.

THE Disney Channel Series follows the life of a family of secret agents and all the adventures they face in the face of common dramas and problems.

4. The Owl House

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Although being one of series at the latest from the canal when arriving at Disney+, The owl house gained a high reputation among the current generation, with Light plotting as she attempts to become a witch.

Additionally, the series is also the first Disney production having an LGBTQ+ couple in lead roles, being highly acclaimed for it.

3. Wizards of Waverly Place

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Responsible for presenting one of the greatest actresses of the disney channel in the world and one of the most famous singers today, the Wizards of Waverly Place stars icon Selena Gomez.

THE series is available on Disney+ for subscribers and you can rewatch all the adventures of the Russian wizarding family trying to live a normal life with magic.

2. Hanna Montana

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Considered one of the greatest series of the channel, Hannah Montana managed to be extended to films and was played by the actress and singer Miley Cyrusone of today’s biggest pop influences.

THE Disney Channel Series follows young Miley who, after a day of normal life with her colleagues, transforms into star Hannah Montana at night and does very well as a singer.

1. Visions of Raven

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It is the channel’s biggest comedy show and a hit currently on the streaming platform. Disney+ broadcastaccompanying the young Raven with her power to predict the future and all the adventures the gift ends up providing.

And now that you have the full selection with the best disney channel series to watch on the platform, just prepare your popcorn and start the marathon!

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