“The athletes were good, but a little less arrogant”

Although it did not revalidate the title of national champion by “the merit of FC Porto”, Sporting “grew as a team”, underlined the former player Virgílio Lopes.

“I think Sporting did well, but a little less arrogant. There’s a good arrogance teams need to have and this year hasn’t been as good as the 2020/21 season. Anyway , the team played better and was safer compared to last season, but FC Porto was essential,” he said in statements to Lusa.

The former Lions defender (1976-1988) defended that there was not much difference between the top two ranked in the League.

“I don’t think there was such a big difference between the teams in terms of quality of play, delivery, seriousness and competitiveness. In fact, the ‘classics’ were very balanced, FC Porto benefiting from a little more experience than Sporting, to the point of having always better managed the approach to matches and emotions, “he analyzes. .

In addition to the defeats suffered by Santa Clara (2-3) and Sporting de Braga (1-2), which “almost definitively eliminated” the two rivals at the top, Virgílio believes that the championships “have been very competitive in the big games “. , where Sporting and FC Porto were equalized twice (1-1 at Alvalade and 2-2 at Dragão).

“Ruben Amorim has decided to have two athletes for each position and I fully agree with that. It is necessary to stimulate internal competitiveness so that we can then be more competitive against our adversaries. It is obvious that there can be problems depending on the number of games, but Sporting had a good season, with kids who showed up and helped and injuries were not very present, ”recalls -he.

The “really bad season” of Pedro Gonçalves, with 15 goals and 11 assists in different competitions, after being the top scorer in the last edition of the League “was compensated” by the influence of the Spaniard Pablo Sarabia, visible in 21 goals and eight assists.

“Pablo Sarabia is a very different player from the others. He is one of those who has a special touch and therefore adapting to any model or team will always be relatively easy. Being such a good player “, it’s still going well. We’ll see how Pedro Gonçalves will be next season and if he has no injuries, because they delay and always create big problems, but I believe that this bet on Sarabia has paid off”, a- he assessed.

Vigílio Lopes ‘doesn’t see’ Edwards as Pablo Sarabia’s successor at Sporting.n.

“There’s a simplicity to Pablo Sarabia’s game that Marcus Edwards doesn’t have at all. He’s a completely different kind of player. With another frame, Edwards can play Sarabia’s role a bit. Ruben Amorim tells us has already got used to fantastic and good things, and to rabbits out of a hat, but it seems difficult to me”, he anticipated.

In a season marked by successes in the Coupe de la Ligue and the Super Cup, a new consecutive entry into the group stage of the Champions League, a competition in which Sporting evolved in 2021/22 until the round of 16, will “project the future”. with more tranquility.

“Planning is a little easier because there is less doubt about what needs to be done. On the other hand, the receipts are absolutely essential for the “large ones”. Going direct allows you to manage the budget much better, given the guarantee that a certain amount will come in. Sometimes it allows you to take risks, because even if you are conservative, you can consider more money depending on the results. These are all advantages,” he concluded.

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