THE BALL – Leão was fiercer in a spectacular derby (Futsal)

Sporting beat Benfica 4-3 and won the Portuguese Cup. This is the ninth time the lions have raised the queen of domestic futsal.

Tomás Paçó and Erick Mendonça put the green and white emblem in front of the marker, but, still in the first half, and in just 15 seconds, Ivan Chishkala and Rocha equalized the fight.

In the second leg Benfica came stronger and in the first minute they completed the comeback, with a goal from Rocha. Sporting did not give up and went after the damage, managing to equalize in the 29th minute, through Esteban Guerrero.

Everything was open, the result could go both ways and… it fell to the lions: Tomás Paçó, in the 35th minute, brought the score to 4-3 and offered the Portuguese Cup to Sporting, in a Intense and spectacular derby, contested in a jam-packed Sines Multipurposes.

Remember the movie of the game:

End of game! Benfica 3 Sporting 4.

40 minutes: Pass from Ivan Chishkala and shot over Rafael Henmi.

39 minutes: Fifth fault committed by Sporting.

39 minutes: Yellow card for Arthur.

39 minutes: Technical break requested by Pulpis, coach of Benfica.

38 minutes: Taking advantage of the fact that Benfica have no goalkeeper in the goal, Alex Merlim, still in his defensive midfielder, shoots and passes the ball very close to the bar.

37 minutes: Benfica chooses to play in 5×4. Ivan Chishkala assumes the role of forward goalkeeper.

37 minutes: Long shot from Arthur, on Guitta.

36 minutes: left corner from Rômulo and first side shot from Arthur.

35 minutes: Sports results! Side substitution by Alex Merlim and Tomás Paçó, inside the box, shot for 3-4.

35 minutes: Yellow card for Pulpis, coach of Benfica.

34 minutes: Fernando Cardinal, in the transformation of the direct free kick, unleashes a superb save from André Sousa.

34 minutes: Sixth foul committed by Benfica. Sporting will benefit from a direct free kick.

33 minutes: Yellow card for João Matos.

33 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Sporting.

32 minutes: Fifth foul committed by Benfica (8 minutes and 6 seconds to play).

30 minutes: Cross shot from Afonso Jesus for the careful defense of Guitta, from the foot.

30 minutes: Excellent work by Arthur on Erick Mendonça, close to the touchline, but the Brazilian’s right-footed shot is saved by Guitta.

29 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Benfica.

29 minutes: Ivan Chishkala receives a yellow card.

29 minutes: Sports results! Timely shooting from Alex Merlim and Esteban Guerrero inside the box deflects it to 3-3.

28 minutes: Rocha, with a fantastic shot, in rotation, sends the ball to the left post of Guitta’s goal.

28 minutes: Third foul committed by Sporting.

27 minutes: Yellow card for Alex Merlin.

27 minutes: Second foul committed by Sporting.

27 minutes: Diego Cavinato crosses the net on the side.

27 minutes: Third foul committed by Benfica.

26 minutes: Long pass from Robinho and Afonso Jesus, after dismissing Pauleta, unbalanced shot, to the side.

25 minutes: The left corner of Pany Varela and Fernando Cardinal, inside the surface, hits the crossbar of André Sousa.

25 minutes: Long shot from Fernando Cardinal, but the ball deflects into Rocha and misses.

24 minutes: Second foul committed by Benfica.

24 minutes: Long shot from Ivan Chishkala, on Guitta.

23 minutes: Jacaré yellow card.

23 minutes: First foul committed by Benfica.

22 minutes: Yellow card for Diego Cavinato.

22 minutes: First fault committed by Sporting.

22 minutes: right corner from Alex Merlim and deflection from Diego Cavinato for an excellent intervention by André Sousa, authentically denying the draw to the lions.

21 minutes: Benfica scores! The right corner of Robinho and Rocha, in the axis of the surface, was heading for the 3-2.

Beginning of the second part!

The rest time in Sines and the first part of the derby did not disappoint. Benfica and Sporting put on a futsal spectacle, setting fire to the nearly 2,000 fans who completely fill the Multiusos.

And the game couldn’t have started better for the lions. After 9 seconds (!), Tomás Paçó, following a pass from Alex Merlim, fired a cross into the left corner of André Sousa’s goal, and opened the scoring.

Leonine supremacy has become an incredible reality, so that in the 14th minute, Erick Mendonça, with a subtle deflection on a long strike from Alex Merlim, increased the discord.

But, a derby that is a derby, there is a lot of emotion. Benfica ran after the damage and in just 15 seconds (!) scored two goals: Ivan Chishkala, with a shot from mid-range, reduced, and Rocha, with a shot in the upper right corner of Guitta’s goal, equalized . All this in the 16th minute.

From there until the end of the first 20 minutes, the score did not move, but the game continued with fantastic intensity. Both teams were covered in fouls, but neither came back not on risk and the direct free kick scenario was not a reality.

From then on, everything is open for the complementary stage. Anything can happen in the best futsal game in the world. Will Sporting reach the 9th Portuguese Cup in its history or, on the contrary, will Benfica lift its 8th trophy?

Interval! Benfica 2 Sporting 2.

20 minutes: shot by João Matos for the safe stop of André Sousa.

19 minutes: Free kick by Ivan Chishkala, save by Guitta.

19 minutes: Fifth foul committed by Sporting (1 minute and 16 seconds to play)

19 minutes: Strong shot from Jacaré, from afar, with the ball passing close to the bar.

16 minutes: Benfica scores! Rocha, with a shot into the top right corner of Guitta’s goal, makes it 2-2.

16 minutes: Benfica scores! Excellent shot from midrange Ivan Chishkala to reduce red disadvantage. 1-2.

16 minutes: Yellow card for Romulo.

16 minutes: Yellow card for Fernando Cardinal.

16 minutes: Fifth foul committed by Benfica (4 minutes and 46 seconds before half-time).

15 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Benfica.

15 minutes: Center of Alex Merlim to save André Sousa.

14 minutes: Sports results! The long shot from Alex Merlim and Erick Mendonça, in the axis of the surface, subtly deflects towards the back of the net. 0-2.

13 minutes: Another shot from Guitta, this time already inside the attacking midfield of the lions, for the punch defense of André Sousa.

13 minutes: Alex Merlim, after a good individual game, touches the left post of the red goal.

12 minutes: The spectacular shot from Diego Cavinato and André Sousa shines again between the posts.

12 minutes: Fernando Cardinal, at the entrance to the area, tries his luck, but André Sousa saves for a corner.

12 minutes: Long shot from Nílson, on Guitta.

10 minutes: André Sousa joins the attack and, dropped on the right, fires a powerful cross, but Guitta, with an excellent intervention, gives a corner to the eagles.

9 minutes: Yellow card for Rocha.

9 minutes: Third foul committed by Benfica.

9 minutes: Shot by Ivan Chishkala, left foot, for the safe stop of Guitta.

9 minutes: Nice pass from Erick Mendonça and shot from Pauleta to the right post of the red goal.

9 minutes: shot by Diego Cavinato, the ball deflects to Jacaré, but André Sousa, attentive, manages the defense.

8 minutes: Guitta, still in Sporting’s defensive midfield, tries his luck, but the shot goes slightly wide of the left post of the goal defended by André Sousa, who controls the shot.

6 minutes: Strong shot from Diego Cavinato, from afar, for André Sousa to save.

6 minutes: Second foul committed by Benfica.

6 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Sporting.

6 minutes: Third fault committed by Sporting.

6 minutes: Yellow card for Martim Figueira. The red keeper, who sits on the substitutes’ bench, overreacted and was admonished by the referee duo.

6 minutes: Second foul committed by Sporting.

5 minutes: Another shot from Rômulo, from the middle of the street, with the ball passing very close to the right post of the leonine goal.

4 minutes: Diego Cavinato, already in the area, shoots for the safe defense of André Sousa.

4 minutes: frontal strike from Rômulo, at the entrance to the area, but the ball goes well over Guitta’s goal.

3 minutes: First fault committed by Sporting.

2 minutes: First foul committed by Benfica.

1 minute: Sports results! A pass from Alex Merlim and Tomás Paçó, with a cross shot, into the left corner of André Sousa’s goal, makes it 0-1.

Game start!

Benfica (starting five): Andre Sousa, Romulo, Robinho VSIvan Chishkala and Rocha

Replacements: Martim Figueira, Afonso Jesus, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nílson, Bruno Cintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacaré

Coach: Pulp

Sportsman (from five): Guitta, Tomás Paço, João Matos VSDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Replacements: Bernardo Paço, Fernando Cardinal, Erick Mendonca, Pauleta, Pany Varela, Caio Ruiz and Esteban Guerrero

Coach: Nuno Dias

Referees: Ruben Santos (AF Porto) and Eduardo Coelho (AF Aveiro)

There are already teams!

Just under half an hour from the start of the derby, the stage of the match, in Sines, is already very well composed, with many supporters of both teams, so it is expected that this Benfica – Sporting fill the room. .

On the way to this decisive duel, and in view of the course of the two teams in this round of 16 (which took place at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Sines, throughout this week), Sporting left Candoso (9-2) on the way, in the quarterfinals, and Quinta dos Lombos (4-1), in the semifinals. Benfica, on the other hand, eliminated Caxinas (3-1), in the quarter-finals, and Marítimo (3-2), in the semi-finals.

Generally speaking, the numbers are also tantalizing for this derby. All because Sporting will enter the field as the club with the most Portuguese Cups in their history (8), with Benfica appearing in their wake (7). In other words, this evening, in Sines, either the lion flies away, or the eagle leaves all the same.

This is the fifth final of the queen of futsal competition between eagles and lions, and in the four decisive duels carried out to date, the green and white emblem has always prevailed: 9-5, in 2005/2006; 3-2, in 2010/2011, after extra time; 4-2, in 2015/2016; 5-5 (3-2, on penalties) in 2018/2019.

This Saturday, from 8 p.m., Benfica and Sporting will face each other in the fight for the Portuguese Cup, in a match that will take place at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Sines and which, of course, will be accompanied by A BOLA online. Don’t get out of there, dear reader: this is the best futsal match in the world. It’s the eternal derby!

Good afternoon!

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