THE BALL – Sainz wins the British GP (Formula 1)

Spaniard Carlos Sainz, in his 150th race in Formula 1, made his debut by winning the premier class of motorsport, winning the British Grand Prix, Round 10 of the 2022 World Cup. Son of a former world rally champion and multiple Dakar winner, the Ferrari driver, who had achieved his first pole the day before, equaled the feat of his compatriot Fernando Alonso, also winner in England with the Italians in 2011 (previously, in 2006), the year he won the championship, he did it with Renault).

Sainz didn’t dominate the race from start to finish. The Spaniard lost top spot to Max Verstappen (Red Bull) shortly after the start, but the race was stopped immediately with the red flag displayed following a chilling crash involving five cars, including the Alfa Romeo- Zhou Guanyu’s Ferrari, which flew upside down. on the protective barriers of the circuit and found himself immobilized behind the pneumatic blocks, after having struck the net which separates the circuit from the stands. The Halo introduced in 2018 saved the life of the Chinese pilot, who was taken out of the cockpit without any injuries.

Race direction ordered a repeat of all starting procedures and the grand prix started afresh, with the single-seaters lined up on the starting grid in their original positions. In the second, Sainz protected himself from Verstappen’s attack and remained in the lead of the grand prix, but a mistake on lap 10 allowed Max to overtake. Shortly after, the world champion, while on the broker circuit, ruined Red Bull’s fund, jeopardizing his ambitions at Silverstone.

Then, lead changes only during pit stops for tire changes, with Leclerc 1st on lap 21, Hamilton in command on 26th (which happened for the 1st time this year) and Leclerc back in command on 34th. However, another episode with a huge impact on the history of the 2022 edition of the British Grand Prix was missing. Esteban Ocon’s Alpine-Renault broke down and the Frenchman had to stop it on the circuit, which led to the intervention of the Safety Car and a race to the pits!

In the restart of the race, 10 laps of the checkered flag, which everyone covered at a sprint pace, exciting driving moments and a handful of sensational clashes. Leclerc, who did not fit new tires on the Ferrari, could not resist the attacks of Sainz, Pérez and Hamilton, the three drivers on the Silverstone podium. The Spaniard was 12th in Formula 1 (6th in 2022), but only first in the highest position, the Mexican took 21st (also 6th this year) in the grand prix final which started negatively (touch after the first start forced an unscheduled trip to the pits to install a new front wing on the Red Bull and left it in last position!) and the Briton, in a bad season, celebrated the 2nd in a row, which earned him two more records : 13th at Silverstone and 185th in the category!

Finally, in a race as exciting as it is atypical, Verstappen found himself 7th and was strongly pressed by Mick Schumacher, the 23-year-old German Haas-Ferrari driver who scored his first points (4) in Formula 1, in 31st world grand prize.


1st Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 1:21.20.440 hours

2.º Sergio Pérez, Red Bull-RBPT, +3.779 s

3.º Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, +6,225s

4th Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, +8.546s

5.º Fernando Alonso, Alpine-Renault, +9,571s

6th Lando Norris, McLaren-Mercedes, +11.943s

7.º Max Verstappen, Red Bull-RBPT, +18.777s

8.º Mick Schumacher, Haas-Ferrari, +18,995s

9.º Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin-Mercedes, +22,356 s

10.º Kevin Magnussen, Haas-Ferrari, +24,590s

11.º Lance Stroll, Aston Martin-Mercedes, +26.147s

12.º Nicholas Latifi, Williams-Mercedes, +32,511s

13th Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren-Mercedes, +32.817s

14.º Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri-RBPT, +40.910s

15th Esteban Ocon, Alpine-Renault, Retired

16.º Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri-RBPT, Abandoned

17.º Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, Abandono

18th George Russell, Mercedes, Retire

19th Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, Retired

20th Alexander Albon, Williams-Mercedes, DNF

Fastest lap: Lewis Hamilton, in Mercedes, with 1.30.510m on lap 52, at an average speed of 234.312 km/h

Next Grand Prix (11th out of 22): Austria, at the Red Bull Ring (Spielberg), on the 10th

Drivers World Cup

1st Max Verstappen, 181 points

2nd Sergio Perez, 147 points

3rd Charles Leclerc, 138 points

4th Carlos Sainz, 127 points

5th George Russell, 111 points

6th Lewis Hamilton, 93 points

7th Lando Norris, 58 points

8th Valtteri Bottas, 46 points

9th Esteban Ocon, 39 points

10th Fernando Alonso, 28 points

11th Kevin Magnussen, 16 points

12th Pierre Gasly, 16 points

13.º Sebastian Vettel, 15 points

14th Daniel Ricciardo, 15 points

15th Yuki Tsunoda, 11 points

16.º Zhou Guanyu, 5 pontos

17th Mick Schumacher, 4 points

18th Alexandre Albon, 3 points

19th Walk Lance, 3 points

20th Nicolas Latifi, 0 points

21st Nico Hulkenberg, 0 points

builders world

1st Red Bull-RBPT, 328 points

2nd Ferrari, 265 points

3rd Mercedes, 204 points

4th McLaren-Mercedes, 73 points

5th Alpine-Renault, 67 points

6th Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, 51 points

7.º AlphaTauri-RBPT, 27 points

8th Aston Martin-Mercedes, 20 points

9th Haas-Ferrari, 18 points

10th Williams-Mercedes, 3 points

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