THE BALL – The serious accusation of the Internacional player to Rafael Ramos (Brazil)

International midfielder Edenílson, 32, has accused Corinthians’ Portuguese full-back Rafael Ramos of racial slurs during the 2-2 draw between the two teams on Saturday night at Estádio Beira-Rio, which was to be held on Friday the Brazilian Tournament.

The Porto Alegre team captain filed a complaint with the police after the game and left the stadium without speaking to the press.

In a protest on the Instagram social network, the player reiterated the accusation – he reported to the referee that he was called a “monkey”, while Rafael Ramos defended himself for having shouted “fuck you, kiss my ass”.

“Hello guys, I’m just passing through to comment. I know what I heard, really I probably didn’t react like I should have, because it was the first time this had happened to me and It bothers me that I continue to attract attention other than by playing football.

Edenílson also wrote that he looked for Rafael Ramos at the end of the match, expecting to receive an apology.

“I sought out the athlete to come out and apologize to me, after all we all make mistakes and we have the right to admit it, in my way of looking at things. But he kept saying I misunderstood. I was not mistaken, I sought him out because of the respect I have for some members of Corinthians and so he might have a chance to redeem himself, because no matter what color we are, character will always speak louder. Anyway, I apologize for not being ready to react to something like this,” he added.

The club’s management also reacted to the uncomfortable situation.

“As an institution, it is up to us first to salute the professional that is the athlete Edenílson. You’ve known him for years, his behavior is exemplary and he wouldn’t lend himself to this kind of quote-unquote acting if he hadn’t really felt affected. It is quite true that the Corinthians athlete went to the international locker room, they talked and there was a conversation about what happened. But we believe, regardless of the statements made by the other side, in our position as athletes. And we support Edenílson in any initiative he might take,” said Emilio Papaléo Zin, vice-president of Inter.

The case is also included in the report of the referee Bráulio Machado, quoted by the site Globoesporte. “At the 31st minute of the 2nd half, when the match was abandoned, I was informed by player number 8, of the SC Internacional team, Mr. Edenílson Andrade dos Santos, that his opponent #21, Mr. Rafael Antônio Figueiredo Ramos, said the following words in his direction: ‘fuck monkey’; at this time I stop the game and call the players involved to report what happened, and the player Edenílson, confirms the aforementioned words and the player Rafael Ramos, says that there has been a misunderstanding due to his (Portuguese) accent and says he said the following words “fuck the fuck”. Due to the remoteness of the athletes and the noise of the twisted neither I nor any other member of the refereeing team can hear or understand the words mentioned above. So I keep playing.”

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