The Beatles’ animated film ‘Yellow Submarine’ will be available on YouTube

The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”

The animated film the group participated in will be made available for free this weekend.

the animated movie yellow submarine (1968), by the Beatles, will reach the official band channel to Youtube this Saturday (25). Production is scheduled to premiere at noon in the EDT time zone (5 p.m. local time).

The release of the fourth film based on the songs of the British quartet will be accompanied by a special moment for beatlemaniacs: Song lyrics will be below the screen so everyone can sing together during social isolation.

Before yellow submarineyou Beatles they already had three other productions associated with them: A hard day’s Nighta 1964 musical; To help!, namesake of the band’s fifth studio album, both released in 1965; and even Magical Mystery Tour1967, where John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are the protagonists.

The Beatles’ involvement in yellow submarine was minimal, just giving the characters a face (but not giving them a voice) and providing the content of the soundtrack animation. In addition to the songs included on the 1969 album of the same name, the production also includes classics such as ‘All you need is love‘ or ‘hey bulldog‘.

In addition to the films in which the Beatles participated directly, there are numerous documentaries based on the band and its history, including analyzes behind the 13 studio albums released by the band. Because of the temporal distance we’ve traveled, inspiration has reached the big screens in fiction or real-life events, with a cast that doesn’t include the Beatles but memories of them.

Chapter 27 – The Murder of John Lennon (2007) is the biographical drama centered on the murder (and murderer, Mark David Chapman, played by Jared Leto) of John Lennon. More recently, we have the comic portrayal of yesterday (2019), where Himesh Patel is a musician who has woken up in a world where no one remembers the existence of the Beatles.

Also in 2020, the arrival of the Peter Jackson’s long-awaited documentary, The Beatles: Come Backwho will understand more than 50 hours of recordings sessions So be it, some of which already in 1970 were part of the original documentary of the same name. However, fans crave the images that have never been seen.

The documentary is due out in early September, but Paul McCartney, involved in the production, said it could suffer the same fate as other major films and be pushed back, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The musician also added that footage from the documentary could reveal a relationship between him and John Lennon different from what audiences have become aware of in recent years, one marked by rivalry. McCartney said that while he may have harbored the idea, when reviewing the footage, he recalls that it’s not true, which fans will be able to see with their own eyes.

Article written by Mathilde Costa Alves and originally published on disseminate facts.

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