The BMW 3 Series gets a new “face” and a new interior, but says goodbye to the manual gearbox

THE BMW 3 Series — originally published 45 years ago, minus 10 years in the case of Van or Touring — is a kind of “sacred cow” for the Bavarian brand, and not for less.

Even with the frenzy around all that is crossing or SUV, the 3 Series remains BMW’s best-selling model in Europe, with just over 116,000 units registered on that continent last year, compared to just over 90,000 for its best-selling SUV, the X1.

It also means that the 3 Series has once again outperformed its two rivals in the small limo segment. primethe Mercedes-Benz C-Class (81,000 sold in 2021) and Audi A4 (77,000).

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