The demand for pediatric care at São Roque Hospital is increasing

Carlos Barbosa-In recent weeks, the increase in cases of off-season respiratory diseases has increased the demand for pediatric emergencies in hospitals in different regions of Rio Grande do Sul. The same effect is also observed in the emergency room (PS) of São Roque Hospital, in Carlos Barbosa.

Advance request:

What has caught the attention of the multiprofessional teams at São Roque Hospital is that this increase in demand for pediatric emergencies has been occurring since April, unlike previous years, when it was recorded from the end of autumn. The main reason for this, according to experts, is the fact that the most common respiratory viruses in winter, such as Rhinovirus, Bocavirus, Influenzas and especially Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are already circulating.

Waiting time in PS:

To cope with the increase in the volume of pediatric emergency care, São Roque has strengthened the sector’s multidisciplinary teams. Even so, the average wait time for getting help remains longer than at other times, especially for less complex cases.

According to statistics from the emergency room of São Roque Hospital, in recent weeks 90% of pediatric cases treated have been classified as mild. According to the doctor. Miriam from Toni Abboud, medical technical director of the Barbosa facility, this profile of patients finds greater benefit when seeking outpatient care, at the hospital’s specialist clinic, or even in basic health units ( UBS), facilitating access for more serious cases to hospital structures.

“Most cases are mild. We understand that any fever already alarms parents, but this isolated symptom is not always a reason to run to the emergency room. If the child does not show signs of depression, such as loss of appetite or excessive sleepiness, it is a sign that it is time to call your referral pediatrician and take the child to the Clinic specialist or to the Basic Health Unit for an appointment”, describe.

In an effort to help meet the additional demand for care in recent weeks, the specialist clinic at São Roque Hospital has begun offering extended hours of pediatric care, including afternoons, until 8 p.m. time. Appointments can be scheduled by phone (54) 3461 9282 or WhatsApp (54) 99256 1588.

In addition to offering 24-hour pediatric care for health plans, São Roque Hospital is also responsible for receiving SUS patients at night (between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the next morning).

Warning symptoms:

Also according to Dr. Miriam, there are warning signs to consider when parents decide whether or not to take the child to the hospital. When he presents at least two of the following symptoms, it is advisable to take the child to the hospital: persistent fever, lasting at least 48 hours; excessive sleepiness; persistent cough, projectile vomiting, respiratory effort and skin lesions.

How to avoid contagion:

Although a number of viruses are circulating in the population, there are ways to prevent contagion. Among them, avoid sudden changes in temperature, do not stay in closed places for a long time, avoid visiting babies before 6 months, maintain good hydration and a healthy diet, in addition to keeping the vaccination record up to date.

“The resumption of preventive medication for the chronically ill is also essential, especially in this context of the resumption of face-to-face classes. It is not necessary to wait for a decompensation of the clinical state of the child to seek help”, adds Dr. Myriam.

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