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Rhode Island State Police

Ruby was the inspiration for the Netflix movie “Ruby Rescue”

Ruby, the dog who inspired the Netflix film ‘Saving Ruby’ and was hailed a hero for working in rescue operations as a K-9 police officer, was euthanized aged 11 due to a sudden, acute illness. and unsolvable, according to information from the Rhode Island State Police, USA.

Ruby’s sacrifice took place on May 13 and was revealed by police last Sunday (15).

“Ruby has dedicated her life to serving the citizens of Rhode Island and having a positive impact on everyone she interacts with,” Rhode Island State Police Superintendent Col. Darnell Weaver said in a statement. Press. “She has become a beacon of hope, showing the world what a shelter dog can do when given love and a chance to shine.”

“She had a full, happy and wonderful life, not just as a soldier, but with a loving family. She worked her way to the end and never gave up on doing what she loved. plus: make people smile,” he added.

Ruby was a mixture of Australian shepherd
with border collie
and the first shelter dog to train with the Rhode Island State Police. Corporal Daniel O’Neil, Ruby’s trainer, practiced with her for a year, helping her become a certified soldier in the police K-9 unit in 2012.

Prior to joining the force, Ruby was at RISPCA (Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), where she experienced five adoption failures. As an energetic and difficult-tempered pup, Ruby received the love of volunteer Patricia Inman, who did her best to find a forever home for the dog.

Ruby was given two houses, State Police Headquarters and Daniel O’Neil’s house, on her days off. Alongside O’Neil, Ruby helped find several missing people.

The beginning of glory

Ruby’s story became known nationwide in 2017 when O’Neil received a call asking for help locating a boy who had been missing for over 36 hours. After six hours of searching, Ruby located the boy and stayed by his side with O’Neil until paramedics arrived to take him to hospital.

With the boy safe, Ruby and O’Neil went to meet the child’s family. To everyone’s surprise, the boy’s mother was Patricia Inman, the shelter volunteer who never gave up on finding Ruby a happy home.

“She started crying. I started crying,” O’Neil said in an interview with people
in March for the release of the film. “Even after six years of not seeing her, Ruby was wagging her tail and jumping on Pat, giving her kisses,” he added. “I said to Pat, ‘Pat, that was Ruby’s way of saying thank you for giving her a chance.'”

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