The Fight comic will receive an animated version by Combo Studio and Bugbite


fans of combat HQde Silva João (@silvazuao), comic book artist and director of project development at Combo Studio, can acquire a new way of following the adventures of the protagonist: the animated adaptation Fight Drawingco-production between Combo Studio and Bugbite.

combat HQ is webcomic action-comedy series about a protagonist, named Protagonista, who enters a martial arts tournament to get revenge against his greatest enemy, an antagonist named Antagonista.

Among many fights and clichés taken from mangas, video games and action films, the Protagonist discovers that he is inside a story that is told and that in this narrative universe, the Antagonist does not may not be the biggest of his problems.


Currently, in the second volume, the combat HQ has a large audience on the Internet, between Twitter, Facebook and Tapas. In 2019, it won its first crowdfunded print version at Catarse, which raised over R$37,000, more than double the amount needed for printing.

THE Fight Drawinga co-writing between the comic’s writer and animator Priscila Limonta, co-founder of production company Bugbite, is currently in development, a stage in which studios are working on the concept portion of the equipment, which, to get started, needs funding and distribution channels.

The project was presented in a to throw exclusively at the last Rio2C by the co-authors of the project, who received positive feedback from players in the animation market.

Relevant works

Combo Studio is responsible for several successful animations, not only in Brazil. The main creation is Any Malu, the first digital influencer living in the country and owner of his own talk show on Cartoon Network. Another well-known production is the Netflix series “Super Drags”, where “America: The Motion Picture” was recently released, a project also animated by Combo Studio. In addition, he has in his portfolio the participation in the animated series “Hit Monkey”, from Marvel Studios, available on Star+, and “Swan Boy”, which debuted on Hulu.

About Combo Studio


Combo Studio was created in Rio de Janeiro, in 2015, as a producer of 2D illustration and animation, and has become a reference in its field of activity. Managed by partners Marcelo Pereira and Vitor Campos, it works in the most diverse media, offering services at all stages of production: character creation, script, storyboard, animation, dubbing, sound, editing and post-production. He also works in the field of web animation and the development of applications and games. With major partners such as Cartoon Network, Netflix, Disney and Google, he produced big hits such as Any Malu and Super Drags. Drawing on her expertise, she also created the “Animation Course and Rig Combo Studio”, an exclusive and 100% online training course, divided into 19 disciplines and 61 classes which, from basic to advanced, transforms students into real animators.

About Bugbite

Bugbite is a São Paulo studio, founded in 2014 by partners Priscila Limonta and Adriano Borges. In addition to working on the production of educational material, he participates in the production of advertising animations, short films and animated series, among which: Consciente Coletivo (Giroscopia Filmes), Eu sou um Pastor Alemão (Sobretudo Produções) and Menino Floor (Split Studio). He is currently producing his first animated series, titled “Dungeons & Potatoes”.

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