The flu vaccination campaign has entered in recent weeks

The Municipal Department of Health of Diadema summons the eligible population not yet vaccinated to go to the vaccination posts and protect themselves against the flu

To carry out the flu vaccination campaign, the Diadema Town Hall maintains dose application stations in the 20 basic health units (BU), in addition to promoting, on April 30, D-Day to make available vaccination on Saturday. However, in a little over a month since the start of the campaign (04/04), 25,806 elderly people have been vaccinated to protect themselves from the disease, this number represents 50% of people over 60 who can receive the vaccine.

The campaign continues until June 3 and, with just under three weeks, the Municipal Health Directorate (SMS) of Diadema summons the population not yet immunized against the flu to go to the Units and get vaccinated. vaccinate 95% of priority groups. “Misinformation and fake news are the main reasons for low adherence, not only to the flu vaccine, but also to routine vaccines. As many diseases have been eradicated or controlled – such as measles and poliomyelitis – people may be under the false impression that diseases don’t happen and therefore don’t care about updating vaccines. It is a mistake and can endanger the health of the entire population,” warns Diadema’s vaccination coordinator, Ferla Cirino.

The flu vaccine available this year protects against three strains of the flu virus that circulated the most in 2021, including H3N2 Darwin, which caused the flu epidemic late last year. Currently, the public eligible for vaccination are: people over the age of 60, health workers, children between six months and under five years old, pregnant women, puerperal women, education professionals, people with disabilities or comorbidities, indigenous people, quilombolas, security and rescue force professionals, armed forces, prison system agents, truck drivers, urban and long-distance collective road transport workers travellers, port workers, the population deprived of liberty and adolescents and young people under socio-educational measures.

where to vaccinate

As of May 11, the municipality had administered 37,761 doses of influenza to all eligible populations. The vaccine is available in the Basic Health Units (UBS) of Diadema, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Until Friday (20/05), people referred to UBS Piraporinha – currently being renovated – can go to nearby UBS (Nogueira, São José, Nova Conquista) to get vaccinated. From Monday (23/05), the service will again be provided in the Unity building. The addresses are at

To receive the vaccine, it is enough to present a personal document with photo. For children, it is necessary to present the vaccination card. If possible, also bring your SUS card. But be careful, because some groups must present specific documents, such as a document proving the link with the work establishment or a document proving the comorbidity. Are they:

  • Children from six months to less than five years: Vaccination record and presence of an accompanying person over 18 years of age;
  • Between five and 59 years old: must belong to one of the groups eligible to receive the vaccine. For children under 12, an accompanying person over 18 is required;
  • Pregnant women and mothers (up to 45 days postpartum): must present supporting documentation (pregnancy exam, prenatal booklet, maternity leave report, NB birth certificate)
  • Education, health and safety workers: document proving a link with an institution where you work.

If the person has flu symptoms, the guidance is to test for covid-19 and postpone vaccination until clinical recovery. If there is confirmation for covid-19, you must wait at least four weeks to receive the vaccination.

During the stay at the basic health unit, the use of a protective mask remains mandatory.

By Renata Nascimento

Photo: Mauro Pedroso

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