The Government of Goiás and Senador Canedo unite in the fight against Aedes aegypti

The task force aims to reduce the infestation rates of Aedes mosquitoes in the metropolitan area of ​​Goiânia.

The Government of Goiás, in partnership with the Municipality of Senador Canedo, is carrying out this Tuesday (5/17), at 8 a.m., another action with the aim of reducing the levels of infestation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the metropolitan area of goiania. The working group will take place in Praça Criativa, Jardim das Oliveiras, the place with the highest rate of infestation in the municipality of Senador Canedo,

The development of working groups to reduce the indices of Aedes is carried out by the Government of Goiás, through the State Department of Health (SES-GO). Since last year, dozens of municipalities have been considered with the actions and, this year alone, they have already been carried out in Valparaíso and Luziânia, in the surroundings of the Federal District; and Goiânia and Piracanjuba.

SES-GO representatives will coordinate the development of activities. The actions will also have the support of members of the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Goiás, who will monitor the overflight of drones to identify mosquito breeding sites in hard-to-reach places. SES-GO’s Superintendent of Health Surveillance, Flúvia Amorim, stresses the need for integrated work in the fight against arboviruses – dengue, zika and chikungunya. “It is not an easy check to carry out, and it cannot be seen as a problem only for the Ministry of Health. It is everyone’s problem and working together makes a difference”.

The Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika coordinator at SES-GO, Murilo do Carmo, points out that the working group is one of the most effective strategies for the prevention of diseases caused by Aedes. “In addition to acting incisively to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, the action aims to raise awareness among the population of the importance of systematically cleaning their homes, by removing any object or utensil that accumulates stagnant water”, says the coordinator. Home visits and resident orientation will be conducted by Endemic Combatants (ACE) and Community Health Officers (ACS) from Senador Canedo.

Dengue fever, scurvy
Last year, in the first 18 epidemiological weeks (from early January to May 7), 24,376 dengue cases were confirmed in Goiás. This year, during the same period, SES-GO confirmed 73,652 registrations of the disease, which corresponds to an increase of 300.09%. The Secretariat’s reports also reveal that so far this year there have been 36 deaths from dengue fever. Another 127 deaths are under investigation. According to the SES-GO Dengue Bulletin, Senator Canedo has recorded 4,155 cases this year.

In 2021, chikungunya had registered an epidemic in the state, in Bom Jesus de Goiás, and viral circulation in 43 municipalities. This year, the disease has an increasing number of notifications and case confirmations. SES-GO records reveal that there has been a 181% increase in the number of chikungunya cases in the state this year, compared to the same period last year. In 2021, during the first 18 epidemiological weeks, SES-GO confirmed 548 cases of the disease. This year, so far, 3,303 cases have been confirmed in 52 municipalities. So far, no deaths related to the disease have been recorded.

Although less likely to cause death, chikungunya is considered a serious disease, with a longer period of treatment and manifestation of symptoms. Flúvia Amorim points out that chikungunya makes people sick longer, which puts pressure on services and on the health system as a whole, which also worries managers.

Zika, in turn, peaked in 2016, with a subsequent reduction in viral circulation and a consequent decrease in the number of cases. This year, two pregnant women with positive tests for Zika have been identified, allowing cases to return to Goiás.

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Matter: Goiás government takes action against Aedes aegypti in Senador Canedo
When: Tuesday (17/05) at 8 am
Or: Praça Criativa – Avenida Senador Canedo, Jardim das Oliveiras, Senador Canedo.

Secretary of State for Health – Government of Goiás
Photo: SES-GO

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