The heroine dog who inspired the Netflix movie is euthanized at 11

The story of Ruby, a dog who has been through a lot in her life, is so moving that it even inspired a movie. Unfortunately, this week we learned that the dog was euthanized at the age of 11.

Police in the state of Rhode Island, USA, announced that Ruby had died after confronting “a sudden, acute and incurable disease“. “K-9 Ruby has dedicated her life to serving the citizens of Rhode Island and positively impacting everyone she interacts with. She has become a beacon of hope for all shelter dogs, showing the world what a shelter dog can do when given love and a chance to shine.said Colonel Darnell Weaver, in a press release.

From shelter to police dog

Ruby was a mix of breeds – Australian Shepherd and Border Collie – and had the honor of being the first shelter dog in Rhode Island police training. For this, she relied on the patience and love of police officer Daniel O’neil. For a year, he helped her become police dog certified in 2012.

However, prior to joining the society, Ruby was a member of RISCPA (Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). According to information from people portalthe dog had gone through five houses, but came back each time.

Although the dog has an energetic spirit and is a little hard to manage, one of the volunteers at the shelter has remained loyal. Patricia Inman therefore continued to train and work on Ruby’s behavior each time she returned to the entity.

So, after a while, something that nobody imagined happened. who would say that the The ideal dog house would be in the police State? Thus, the dog joined the unit’s K9 team and became the hero everyone remembers.

Photo: Rhode Island State Police

plot in real life

During her years with the company, Ruby has helped police locate many missing victims. One of the cases that put the dog in the spotlight took place in 2017. At the time, Daniel O’Neil received a report from the police station, asking for help in locating a boy, who had been missing for over 36 hours.

For Ruby, it took 6 hours to locate the child. Moreover, the dog still insisted on stand next to the boy until help arrives. After the rescue, something no one could have predicted: the little boy was the son of Patricia Inman, the woman who didn’t abandon Ruby at the shelter.

“She started crying, I started crying”, Daniel told People in March. “Even without seeing Patricia for 6 years, she [Ruby] wagged his tail and jumped on Pat, kissing him. I said, ‘this is Ruby’s way of thanking you for giving her a chance.’

police dog
Photo: Rhode Island State Police

Story worthy of a movie

The remarkable and impressive story of the dog has moved many people and caught the attention of netflix. Thus, the streaming giant decided to produce a film inspired by the emotional relationship between Daniel and Ruby. The movie “Ruby Rescue” was released on Netflix in March this year.

“There is a champion spirit in all of us that sometimes causes a person to see what we don’t see in ourselves. Private Dan O’Neill saw this in Ruby. And she saw that in him,” the film’s executive producers said.

“As depicted in our film, they needed each other for the champion spirit to flourish. We like to imagine that a rescue dog named Ruby, rescued in the 11th hour by Private Dan, has now arrived at his heavenly destination and heard the words “Good dog, my faithful servant”, they concluded, from Ruby’s final rest.

“She had a full, happy and wonderful life, not just as a soldier, but with a loving family. She worked her way to the end and never stopped doing what she loved. more: make people smile,” added Daniel O’neil, partner of the hero dog.

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