The image reveals the Joker’s full face; to verify

The new view of Barry Keoghan on the joker for The Batman is fully illustrated in amazing fan art. Posted on Twitter, the portrait of the artist Julien Batista shows the Joker staring at the viewer and dressed in his arkham asylum.


Batista captures the character’s shaggy, ragged hair and crooked smile that fans only get a glimpse of in the film and during a deleted scene. The art serves as another imagination of what Keoghan’s Clown Prince of Crime might look like when fully revealed.

Keoghan only appeared in one scene at the end of the Batman, but its overall design was hidden in shadow. Credited only as “Hidden Prisoner of Arkham”, the joker de Keoghan was in the cell next to the Riddler at Arkham Asylum, identifiable by viewers as the Joker due to his distinctive laughter and dialogue.

A second scene, deleted from the final cut, saw Batman from Robert Pattinson visit the villain in Arkham for help and information about the Riddler. The scene came out weeks later The Batman debut in theaters, and while it offered quick and hazy glimpses of Keoghan’s Joker, viewers never got a clear view of the villain’s face.

The showdown between the Dark Knight and the Joker drew near-universal praise due to Keoghan’s “creepy” and “disturbing” Joker appearance. The scene also hinted at an earlier history between the two that captured the imaginations of many fans.

Keoghan has been confirmed to appear in The Batman before its release, but his role was kept secret and listed as Stanley Merkel’s officer until the film’s release. Shortly after being confirmed as the Joker, Keoghan opened up about how thrilled he was to be a part of the long history of DC Comics and Batman:

“I’m a fanboy of those movies, and specifically the Batman universe. So to be in that world, I still pinch myself.he said.

Although the Joker was introduced The Batman, it is not known if the character will appear in a sequel or a spin-off at this time. THE HBO Max greenlit two TV shows based on the Batmanthe first of which is a limited series devoted to penguin in Colin Farrel.

Matt Reeves recently confirmed that the Gotham Police Department series on HBO Max was reworked as a “haunted house” horror show set in the arkham asylum. Now that he is one of the most notorious prisoners, the Charade in Paul Dano may reappear on this show, but he may not be the series protagonist.

Instead, the show could be led by Barry Keoghan’s Joker. This could trace the formation of a team of supervillains. After the Joker recruits the Riddler at the end of the film, he could go after the rest of the film’s gallery of trapped rogues. Batman.

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