The infectious disease specialist clarifies the types of sequelae left by covid-19

Photo: Ney Silva/Acorda Cidade | Infectologist Melissa Falcao

Singer Joelma is one of the people who contracted Covid-19 and had sequelae in her body. At the end of May, the artist appeared with a swollen face during a show in Parauapebas, in the south-east of Pará.

She has been diagnosed with Covid-19 three times and even claimed she felt a kind of “accordion effect” caused by the swelling.

Given this fact, infectious disease physician Melissa Falcão reported that the swelling could be linked to kidney failure.

“After a diagnosis of Covid, there can be swelling in the body, linked to kidney failure, people who have a severe case with kidney damage, linked to infection, or swelling. And the accordion effect that was reported, in the case of singer Joelma, was due to the use of corticosteroids. All drugs have benefits and side effects, so self-medication should be avoided. Corticosteroids, when used with a prolonged dose, can cause serious adverse effects such as increased blood sugar, body swelling, weight gain and many other things,” he explained.

The doctor also highlighted some of the sequelae that people can have after contracting the disease, even if it is a mild condition.

“The Covid can cause sequelae. It usually occurs in people with severe symptoms, those with respiratory failure, who require prolonged hospitalization, which can lead to pulmonary sequelae. In this case, the person gets tired easily, has fatigue in the body, acceleration of the heart, this feeling and, mainly, psycho-emotional symptoms. So we see a lot of people who had to be hospitalized with covid or who had covid, especially at that time, with depression and insomnia associated with covid symptoms. So, although it is more common in people with severe covid, it can occur with varying intensities in anyone with the disease. Thus, even people who had a mild ailment, just a runny nose, a cough, can over time perceive forgetfulness, a feeling of fatigue, a lack of disposition in the body. There are people who lose their sense of smell and taste, and it can take weeks or even months, and they don’t always recover quickly. These are the main consequences of covid: neuropsychosomatic symptoms, depression, insomnia, the problem of loss of smell and taste and forgetfulness and lack of disposition,” he explained.

According to Melissa Falcão, even if the patient has the diagnosis, proving that it is a sequel caused by covid-19, but the symptoms persist, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

“The literature is researching a long covid, which would be the prolonged symptoms and the sequelae of the disease. Prolonged covid would be these recurring symptoms, like a sore throat that comes back often. It remains to be defined which criteria correspond to the long covid, such as headaches which often appear, but must always be differentiated. ‘I had the Covid, I have symptoms that come back frequently’, ‘headache that bothers me’, that deserves to be investigated, that does not mean that it is necessarily linked to the covid, you have to see all the possibilities it causes,” he said. .

Still according to the infectiologist, certain sub-variants of Ômicron are responsible for the increase in the number of cases.

“There are the variables in relation to the covid variants, we now have the Ômicron sub-variants, which are BA.4 and BA.5, which is what is responsible for this increase that we see in the number of cases with a high frequency, and which should intensify in the coming days.The main way to prevent serious covid, to prevent sequelae, is vaccination.At least the third dose of the vaccine, the two doses with the first booster are essential,” he concluded.

With information from journalist Ney Silva of Acorda Cidade

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