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franchise Avatar: The Legend of Aang is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and influential of cartoons and anime in the world. In fact, it has been expanded – and rediscovered – more and more. Especially now, with the team of “avatar studios” (Nickelodeon and paramount) with several ongoing projects. Including 2 supposedly exciting new movies.

At first, the brand new division (which appeared in 2021) had already announced a CGI animated movie (perhaps the trigger for a new feature film saga). Together, the creators of the original work and those responsible for the studio, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, have also been confirmed in a new design modeled after the root and spin-off The Legend of Korra (2012 to 2014).

In this sense, this universe being filled by the original authors, what are the 2 new animated films in Avatar: The Legend of Aang? go with the Streaming Brazil to find out about this and understand where the live-action series came from netflix – and comic strips – are part of the projects of avatar studios on TV (Nickelodeon and Paramount+) and at the cinema!

of them New animated movies in “Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Two new films from
(credits: Nickelodeon/Paramount+)

In short, according to portal sources Avatar News (the franchise’s biggest insider today) there are 2 more animated movies to come! For now, it’s not sure whether your animation is in the classic style/template or in Computer graphics (CG). However, it is known that their stories will focus on Zuko and in the past (a prequel) before”avatar team“. i.e. before sokka and Katara released aang.

At the moment, fans think the project with the previous villain and now fire lord, Zukomay end up following the HQ story The research (2013), which solves the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. On the other hand, the second production has the freedom to address any event, character and novelty that is between the 9,950 years separating the birth of the 1st. avatar and the awakening of aang. For example, with kyoshi or rock on point.

Even so, while we don’t have any more news on the two films, how about taking a look at what’s been worked on in the universe of Avatar: The Legend of Aang to Paramount+ (and netflix)?

You canon comics of the saga

Two new films from
(credits: Nickelodeon/Paramount+)

First of all, while we’re talking about the HQ The researchit is important to say that there are stories before, during and after the two main series (aang and corra) published since 2012. For example, like the next Dawn of Yangchenwhich will tell for the first time the story of the avatar title holder and will be released in July 2022. By the way, today there are already more than 12 complete arcs and unique editions. For example, The promise (2012) and Territory Wars (2017 and 2018).

THE avatar studios to Paramount+

Two new films from
(credits: Nickelodeon/Paramount+)

Above all, it should be remembered that the creators of everything, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzkofounded their own division with the support of the Nickelodeon and give Paramount+ (the two domains of ViacomCBS) and have already confirmed 1 movie in Computer graphics (infographic) and 1 new traditional style series. To see:

“We’re going to explore what we call the ‘Avatar universe’. So Mike and Bryan are hard at work on what I believe is a theatrical film, animation, various television series. [e streaming] and probably many more features. For now, I will say that very soon we will bring the news to the public. »Brian Robin, President of Nickelodeonto deadline.


“Actually, one of our big theatrical projects is ‘Avatar’. As we agreed on the original creators of the 2005 animation to control the studios. So they created ‘Avatar Studios’ and are focusing on creating CGI movies as well as a new series.Robbins I said paramount.

THE avatar live action to netflix

Official image from the remake and live-action series of
(play credits: Nickelodeon/Netflix)

Finally, what we talked about the most is the 2nd live-action remake of Avatar: The Legend of Aang and the next series of netflix. In short, the project was signed before the rebranding (it will therefore not pass Paramount+) and initially had DiMartino and Konietzko. However, they both left due to creative disagreements with the rest of the team.

Now, the series is already about to finish filming and should arrive in 2023 with 8 episodes (with costs between $10 the $15 millioneach) who will adapt the “Book 1: Waterfrom the original cartoon. Also, it’s interesting to salute the casts of actors and actresses of ethnicities that match the roles:

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