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After years of suggestions and little clues, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness eventually came to introduce the concept of alternate realities and parallel earths into Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the film, we are presented different universesbut one of them stands out: the Earth-838.

In the movie, we have a good chunk of the movie that takes place in this alternate reality, and it allows us to make several comparisons to this reality and the Earth-616described as the “terra firma” of the mcu. Here we separate all the main differences between these realities!


In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswe found that the “main land” of the mcu is classified as the Earth-616. This number was assigned by Christine Palmier from Earth-838, who specializes in multiversal travel and alternate Earths, rather than being a surgeon like his Earth-616 counterpart.

This is the universe we’ve been following ever since Iron Manreleased in 2008. In this universe, six heroes have come together to form the avengersand eventually the team grew as new heroes became public.

Together they all went through spotthe moment when Thanos succeeded in exterminating half of the life in the universe by gathering the Infinity Gems. Five years after that brutal event, the remaining Avengers have traveled back in time and captured new gems, reversing the effects of spot and defeat the Mad Titan shortly thereafter.

In this universe, we still don’t have mutants – at least they are not known to exist still. We also have no evidence of the presence of The Fantastic Fourwhich suggests that they have not yet acquired their powers.

There is a lot of discussion about the inclusion of certain productions in this timeline. For example, we don’t yet know if series like Agents of SHIELD, inhuman, Fugitives and Cloak and Dagger take place on Earth-616, as the films never mention the events of these productions.


THE strange doctor and America Chávez to arrive at Earth-838 as they attempt to escape the deadly clutches of Wanda Maximoff, who wants to kidnap the girl to steal her powers so he can cross the multiverse. Arriving there, they find a world radically different from Earth-616.

For starters, the place looks a lot more forested and there are technological advancements that don’t exist on the mainland. And there is also another curious factor: here, to cross the streets, people wait for the red light instead of the green light. Also there are pizza in bullet shape.

As for the heroic community, this is where we have some really glaring changes: in this universe, the x-men exist, as well as The Fantastic Four and the inhuman (in case you’re unaware of the Team Series as part of Earth-616). In this universe, Mary Rambeau became Captain Marvel and Peggy Carter was the First Avenger.

Right here, Stephen Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme and spent a lot of time trying to find a way to stop Thanos without having to hand him his time stone. Finally, the Illuminati killed the Mad Titan on his home planet, but Strange had to be sacrificed as punishment for messing with the multiverse.

Other curious changes: in this universe, bite seemed to be friends with strange doctor, although there is a certain spark of envy in the air raised by the Stranger of Earth-616. Moreover, in this universe, the project of Ultron seems to have worked perfectly, creating a safe and effective “police” service for the world.

What about the original Earth-616?

Anyone who has been following comics for a long time must be more than familiar with the concept of Earth-616. Indeed, in the comics, it was the name intended for the “main universe” where the adventures of Casa das Ideias took place. It is here that the x-menthe Spider Man and the avengers as we know it

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe began to become popular, it was defined that the Earth-199999 would be the name of the designated universe for the franchise – in this way, the events of the films could be recognized as an alternate reality within the multiverse, as if they were alternate events to the “main earth” of the comics.

Nevertheless, Multiverse of Madness proves that the movies won’t follow that name, so it doesn’t work as an alternate reality, but rather a literal adaptation of events that happen in the comics. It’s curious, as current comics continue to treat their main continuity as Earth-616.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness go to the cinema.

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