The northern zone is experiencing an increase in dengue fever cases and the town hall is stepping up the fight

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  • A SP Town Hall organized at the beginning of the month a task force against the mosquito
  • The state of São Paulo is the one with the most dengue cases in cities
  • In Abadiânia (Goiás), a stronger dengue strain appeared

It has been more than two years since the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the pandemic Covid-19. Everything has changed in the world, but now other diseases are coming back, which affect the daily life of the inhabitants of the city of São Paulo. One of them, already known and which is coming back full force today: the dengue fever – and his companions chikungunya and zika.

A Municipal Department of Healthby Regional Health Coordination (CRS) North, informed on DailyZonaNorte that 1,023 positive cases of dengue have been confirmed by the Health Watch Units (Uvis) of the region covered by the CRS North between January 1 and May 10, 2022.

Door-to-door visiting agents

In the note, he clarified that action by the working group has been carried out to combat dengue fever and other diseases caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, carried out by the teams of the six Uvis of the coverage region (here is included the Northwest Zone – Parish of Ó/Pirituba/Perus), between April 30 and May 1, had 14,697 home visits to inspect for possible vector breeding outbreaks and preventive guidelines.

The agency also points out that 50 actions were carried out to block mosquito breeding sites and 42 blockages of nebulization, i.e. 11 of vehicular nebulization with the use of UBV-Ultra Vehicular Nebulization (called “smoke”), with the support of Zoonosis Surveillance Division/Covisa. 8,586 educational leaflets were also distributed during the strategy.

Preparation for nebulization (UBV) in the streets
The cases of the North Zone

N / A North areareaders of DailyZonaNorte sent reports on dengue fever outbreaks and cases in neighborhoods across the region. According to sources in the Vila Maria/Vila Guilherme/Vila Medeiros, 93 cases have been found in the region and more than 40 in just two communities. In Santana, it is commented on WhatsApp groups that cases have been detected on Rua Nogueira Accioly (Jardim São Paulo) and other roads in the region.

This Monday (5/16/2022), a reader made a dramatic statement: “My wife with the smallest boy went to the Vila Guilherme Day Hospital do the tests dengue fever and chikungunya and they are there waiting for the result”. And he added: “Here in the region, it’s the plague and it came back with everything, in force!”.

Another source confirms that the number of dengue cases in the North area and adds that “due to the lack of more consistent actions from the public sector”. He claims that with the pandemic and the concern around vaccinations, and then the arrival of other diseases, the case of the return of dengue has been left aside, at a lower level.

Agents visit a location at V. Guilherme

In this sequence, we say that the Dengue Committees – which were created and which should be directly supervised by the 32 boroughs of the city – have also entered the system pending government decisions. “There has been a delay in actions and practically nothing has happened in this area. And, on the other hand, the increase in the lack of care in the North area also contributed to outbreaks of the dengue mosquito,” a source said.

For this reason, and in particular the location of two municipalities on the outskirts of the UBS Parque Novo Mundo I and II – including the Profession of Douglas Rodrigues (see article: -, a Sub-prefecture Vila Maria/Vila Guilherme/Vila Medeiros participated, on April 30 and May 1, in the working group of Municipal Department of Healthwhich involved the whole city with the 28 Health Watch Units (Uvis) and 2 thousand agents.

“Fumacê” car in the streets of V.Maria/V.Guilherme

With an appropriate vehicle for nebulization (called “smoke”) in the streets, the Sub-prefecture Vila Maria/Vila Guilherme/Vila Medeiros claims to have visited 2,293 properties during the two days of the task force, with the blocking of six mosquito breeders, in addition to the distribution of 1,200 leaflets with instructions on the fight against dengue fever.

More actions against arboviruses

A Municipal Department of Health ensures what “the capital of São Paulo has intensified surveillance of dengue fever and other arboviruses and expanded the fight against the aedes aegypti mosquito, with the retraining of technicians and zoonoses agents and investments in new equipment and work processes”.

In the following, he recalls the figures for 2021: 2.7 million door-to-door actions were carried out, to which are added 2,157,481 visits to block breeding and misting and 38,192 inspections at strategic points, totaling 4,895,673 actions against dengue fever. And, on the other hand, it indicates that in 2022, to date, 1,570,697 actions have already been carried out, with 549,395 home visits, 1,008,996 actions to block reproduction and fogging, in addition to 12 306 inspections at strategic points.

Agent checks focus on residence ship

A Municipal Department of Health adds that, on a routine basis, the following activities are carried out in the capital of São Paulo: door-to-door visits; visits to strategic points; larval control at strategic points with the use of biological larvicide; blocking the transmission of human cases of dengue, zika and chikungunya; “trawler” activity; using the rapid dengue test to target transmission blocks; responding to citizen requests; education, health communication and social mobilization actions, among others.

As soon as a case is notified, action is taken to eliminate breeding sites (house to house) and application of nebulization in the blocks of the place. This happens within 24 hours.

Dengue fever cases in the city of São Paulo:
Provisional data up to 05/10/2022 – Sec.Munic. health

Dengue generally has a cyclical behavior, with epidemic periods (lasting 1 to 2 years) and interepidemic periods (lasting 2 to 3 years). The last epidemic year, both in the municipality and in the state of São Paulo and in Brazil, was 2015. In 2019 there was an increase in notifications and confirmed cases, however, with medium transmission in the capital , which in 2020 was not observed, as there was low transmission.

The year 2020 cannot be used as a parameter to compare dengue fever cases in the capital. The social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an atypical situation of low movement of people and a sharp drop in the number of cases.

Dengue fever: one more danger

As revealed by Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FioCruz) in the city of Abadiana, in Goiás, the first case of the dengue strain with the most active characteristics was detected in Brazil. This dengue is native to countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, with serious consequences for humans.

Goiás ranks second, behind São Paulo, in dengue cases. Even the capital Goiânia has declared a public health emergency. The Ministry of Health advises that it is monitoring these cases and has been informed of the detection of the new dengue genotype in this state.

In four months, Brazil exceeded the 544,000 cases of dengue fever recorded last year. From January to April, there were 654,800 notifications of the disease. This year, the federal government reports that it has delivered 40 million larvicide tablets for the treatment of water reservoirs/deposits to all states and the Federal District. In addition, more than 3,000 kilos of insecticide were distributed for treatment at strategic points, such as tire shops and dumps.

But, on the other hand, the Ministry of Health does not currently deliver new molecular kits, which are used for the diagnosis of dengue fever, chikungunya and zika. The delivery of these new kits is scheduled for the month of June.

The cases in the State of São Paulo

consulted by DailyZonaNorte, a State Department of Health/SP report having recorded, in 2022, through May 2, 107,400 dengue cases and 77 deaths. In 2021, during the same period, 104,000 dengue cases and 41 deaths were recorded.

And he recalled that the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito is a continuous and collective task. The main preventive measures are: leave the water tank tightly closed and clean it regularly; remove objects that collect water from backyards; take care of the garbage, keep the materials to be recycled in a closed bag and in a covered place; eliminate pot dishes or use a small dish that fits better in the pot; drop off used tires at the town hall’s collection points. And it ends: according to the directive of the Unified Health System (SUS), Actions on the ground to fight against the mosquito vector of dengue fever are primarily the responsibility of the municipalities.

In Guarulhos, according to the latest bulletin published by the Municipal Department of Health, the commune recorded 353 cases of dengue fever between January 1 and May 5 this year. The number is almost half of what was recorded during the same period in 2021, when 626 cases were confirmed. But the moment requires everyone’s attention to keep the Aedes aegypti mosquito away from homes.

An important caveat: Self-medication is a health risk, even more so in the case of dengue fever, for which nonsteroidal (or nonsteroidal) anti-inflammatory drugs and acetylsalicylic acid (ASS) derivatives are contraindicated in all cases of disease. . At the first symptom and in doubt, consult a health center immediately.

Mosquito control should be part of everyone’s routine. The collaboration and participation of the population is a fundamental element to reduce the transmission of the disease.

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