The production hid what happened to Dina Guedes behind the scenes

Married at First Sight contestant Dina Guedes was betrayed on her honeymoon in Cape Verde by her fiancé, Tiago Jaqueta, with a Russian.

From a dream wedding, it quickly became a nightmare for “Married at First Sight” contestant Dina Guedes. Braga’s wife was betrayed on her honeymoon by her fiancé Tiago Jaqueta, with a Russian woman.

A member of the show surprises Dina Guedes trembling and lost in the corridors and sends the young woman back to the office of Alexandre Machado, the former specialist in reality show, where she consults and is followed by a neuropsychologist, who changed the SIC to TVI.

Now a source related to the program”Married at first sight” denounces to the magazine ‘TV Guia’ the alleged nightmare and the alleged humiliation suffered by the participant from Braga, during her participation for a month. The same source also reveals that he had read a medical certificate, issued by clinician Alexandre Machado, confirming the poor health of Dina Guedes.

“I found Dina, hiding, all shaking, disoriented and having a full panic attack. It was I who, that night, advised her to go see Doctor Alexandre Machado and ask him for help. . and she left”reveals the source to the magazine, advancing the details that the ex-wife of Tiago Jaqueta revealed behind the scenes of “Married at first sight”.

“The production was constantly and insistently calling Dina to attend the final gala, which was taped on Friday, May 13, and Dina didn’t feel able to attend, especially after the betrayal that happened to her. been made”, adds.

According to the same source, Dina Guedes does not forgive the experts. “Dina does not forget and forgive that all the specialists knew that she had been betrayed in Cape Verde, that no one confronted Tiago during the commitment ceremony and that they even insisted with her to give her one more chance.. They hid from her that they knew about the betrayal and almost forced her to stay in the experiment.revealed.

This source also reveals that the medical certificate that Alexandre Machado gave to Dina Guedes says that “She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to an episode that happened on the show. She suffers from anxiety, always talks about the same thing, isolates herself and is not motivated.

The former contestant ofMarried at first sight” does not accept that they disclosed a supposedly private conversation without his consent. “The production made the sound of a conversation in disabled da Dina with the psychologist Daniela Simões, in which the girl asked her for help because she was completely unbalanced and lost. The team took this audio, because she had a microphone on her chest, and they put the audio on air without telling Dina”reveals the same source to ‘TV Guia’.

Alexandre Machado’s medical certificate prevented the former competitor from going to the final gala of “Married at first sight”.

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