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power and law is Netflix’s newest hit. The advocacy series revolves around attorney Mickey Haller back in action after recovering from his painkiller-induced drug addiction. Known for his practice of working on the go, usually from the back of his Lincoln – Mickey chooses defendants with generally unfavorable cases.

the freshness of power and law is that somehow Mickey manages to solve them. However, the show’s first season revolves around a much bigger mystery. In it, Mickey must focus on murdering the wife of a wealthy tech tycoon.

Although there are several twists, the story of the series is very well anchored. This has fans wondering if at any point the show was inspired by a true story. As if Mickey Haller was a real lawyer. Well, in this article, we take all those doubts away.

power and law Is it based on a true story?

Straight to the point, no. power and law It is not based on a true story. Created by David E. Kelley, the series is based on a book published by Michael Connelly in 2008, titled “The Brass Verdict”. The book is part of a series of mystery novels by the author, which revolve around LAPD detective Harry Bosch and attorney Michael “Mickey” Haller.

The author’s 16th book that features Haller is called “The Lincoln Lawyer.” In turn, this book was made into the 2011 film of the same name. The film starred Matthew McConaughey. However, we cannot say that all stories are entirely fictional.

Connelly said he draws on significant real-world sources to compose his books. The author has spent more than a decade working as a crime reporter. Much of that time he worked at the Los Angeles Times.

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As such, his early novels focused more on Detective Bosch and police-centric stories. However, developing stories about lawyers, as in power and law, was always something Connelly loved. His fascination has always been with lawyers who put themselves at risk in the name of justice.

So, while writing Bosch’s novels, Connelly began to research the legal and judicial side of things.

The author had help

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An old journalist friend, Dan Daly, introduced Connelly to the workings of the legal world. Daly is very knowledgeable about criminal defense law and knew all the information. Daly and his acquaintance, Roger Mills, gave the author many courageous case histories.

In addition, some of the situations observed in power and law, out of this world of criminal law. Subsequently, the author captured new stories from fictional attorney Michael Haller. After three years of research, Connelly published the first book centered on Haller. With Daly’s help, one of his slogans became the book’s epigraph:

“There is no customer as scary as an innocent.”

In this way, Connelly relies on very real sources who have spent years covering criminal defense. This helps to amp up the realism of your stories. However, the plots and characters are entirely fictional. The way the series is based on the novels is therefore fictional. But, the central character of the series has an interesting origin and is worth seeing.

Mickey Haller, of power and law it’s true?

Unlike the stories, the protagonist of power and law it is partially based on a real person. Speaking about the book, which features Haller, Connelly told the irish time:

“I kind of learned a lesson from The Lincoln Lawyer. I wanted to write about a criminal defense attorney, but a lot of people do. But since I’m not a lawyer, I waited for something interesting. Then I met a lawyer working in the back seat of his car, and all of a sudden I had it, I had this book.

That’s right, the protagonist of the book series is inspired by a real lawyer that the author knew. Indeed, he served customers in the back seat of his car, much like our hero Mickey Haller. Connelly was introduced to David Ogden through a mutual friend.

Might and the Law is based on a true story
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Thus, he was intrigued when the lawyer revealed to him that he was working on his car. The truth is, one of the cars Ogden drove – and worked on – was a Lincoln Towncar. The similarities between Haller and Ogden don’t end there.

Just as the first is driven by a former client, Ogden was also driven by Lonnie Henderson. Ogden stood up for him and, after serving his sentence, began working with him. So Connelly took some distinctive real-world details to spruce up his attorney in power and law.

Therefore, we can say that while the book series as well as the Netflix series are a work of fiction, they draw important details from real people and situations.

So have you looked power and law?

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