The town hall signs an agreement to develop the Niterói Beating Cancer – Niterói City Hall program

The city of Niterói signed, this Wednesday (06), the agreement with the Foundation against cancer to support the development of the Niterói Winning Cancer program. The measures are part of the expansion of the Niterói Mulher program, of the Municipal Health Department, launched in October 2021, and aim to develop a set of integrated actions to fight cancer in the municipality.

The mayor of Niterói, Axel Grael, highlighted the initiative as fundamental for the municipality, especially since the discovery of cancer is a difficult time for the patient and his family.

“Niterói has a population profile with a large number of older people, more susceptible to cancer, and it is very important to be able to offer investment services in prevention and care in a humanized way. With the implementation of the program, it will be possible to prevent cancer, offer early diagnosis and timely treatment to the people,” he said.

The project has three axes: the construction of the Municipal Cancer Care Plan, the implementation of the Municipal Cancer Registry and the implementation of the Navegadoras Project. The objective is to plan, implement and monitor diagnostic and treatment actions to optimize the management of patients with cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate, rectum and lung.

Cancer cases identified in Niterói will be registered and there will be an active search to find out if they are being treated and at what stage of treatment they are. With the implementation of the Navegadoras project, patients diagnosed with cancer will have the support and advice of a health professional at all stages of treatment in the health care network.

Municipal Health Secretary Rodrigo Oliveira spoke about the importance of the project.

“With the implementation, in October, of the Niterói Mulher program and the start of surgeries at the Oceânico Gilson Cantarino Municipal Hospital, the municipality has zeroed the waiting list of breast cancer patients who were in the regulations. At this time, based on the agreement with the Cancer Foundation, we will expand actions and organize a care network that guarantees the promotion of health, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients, bringing the necessary support and allowing an increase in the quality and survival of each of them,” he said.

Consultant, doctor and epidemiologist of the Cancer Foundation, Alfredo Scaff, spoke of the importance of the measure:

“Cancer is a disease with significant social impact worldwide. With this agreement, it will be possible to organize actions to combat the disease in Niterói, allowing measures for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease,” he says.

The Executive Director of the Cancer Foundation, Luiz Augusto Maltoni, was also present.

Niterói Women’s Program – Launched in October 2021, the Program is a control and monitoring strategy for breast and cervical cancers. The aim is to diagnose cases of cancer early and begin treatment in less than 60 days, thereby reducing the risk of complications and mortality.

In March, the municipality expanded the offering of breast and cervical cancer surgeries by starting procedures at the Municipal Oceanic Gilson Cantarino Hospital. The following month, the service began referring patients for treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The resident of Niterói must seek her reference health unit, for an evaluation, request a mammography examination and carry out a preventive test.

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