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One of the most powerful members and with one of the most interesting powers of The Umbrella Academy, it’s Allison, number three. In the show it might not be so noticeable, but in the comics his abilities border on omnipotence, so many possibilities.

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about this character, Rumor, not only explaining how his powers work, but also looking at his journey through the three published volumes of The Umbrella Academy.

Let’s start by discussing Allison’s powers, because in the comics they work a bit differently than the show. In the comics, Allison has a form of telekinesis, which is triggered by saying the phrase “I heard a rumor”. In the show, the power seems to be mentally suggestive, but in the comics, it’s much more powerful. Allison’s suggestions can manifest as a very real physical consequence.

For example, on the show, Allison might say, “I heard a rumor that you’re going to shoot your partner,” which would essentially be mind manipulation. But in the comics, let’s say his power borders on omnipotence. She might say, “I heard a rumor that the back of your head is going to explode,” and it would indeed happen. And in fact, it does at some point, but we’ll get there.

Now let’s move on to comic book history, but we don’t need to recap the origins of the Umbrella Academy yet again. We have already detailed it in the article Reginald Hargreevesso if you want to understand everything about the birth of children and their education in Umbrella Academy, you can check it there.

As a child, Allison takes part in at least three major missions, but she only plays a crucial role in two of them. On her first mission against zombie robot Gustave Eiffel, she is tasked with clearing the area of ​​the innocents, telling everyone that she heard a rumor that the Louvre was donating all of its artwork. In the next mission, she is kidnapped by Dr. Terminal, but is fortunately rescued by her brother Luther.

The only really cool thing she does as a kid is during the attack on the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, where the team only succeeds after Allison says “I heard a rumor that which you were murdered”. Just then, a giant manifestation of John Wilkes Booth appears and shoots the Lincoln statue in the head. It’s a great example of how omnipotent Allison’s powers can be, and also a great example of The Umbrella Academy’s madness.

During the events of the first miniseries, “Apocalypse Suite”, Allison reunites with the rest of the team for the funeral of her “father”, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. She reveals that she recently divorced and has a young daughter, whose custody was with her father. Allison struggles to reconnect with her siblings, and the only one she can truly bond with again is Luther, with whom she rekindles a romance.

After the team discovers that one of her sisters, Vanya, will be tasked with wiping out all life on Earth through an apocalypse, Allison helps her family stop her, but during the final confrontation with Vanya, she has his voice strings cut, rendering him essentially useless from now on in terms of powers.

For most of The Umbrella Academy’s second miniseries, “Dallas,” Allison switches to a notepad while trying to convince herself to forgive Vanya. At first, she is extremely cold and vindictive towards Vanya, after all the sister slit her throat, but eventually understands that she has been brainwashed and forgives her, even helping her recover.

Allison is also responsible for discovering that the number five was blackmailed by a group of temporal agents he worked for and forced to go back in time to 1963 and kill President John F. Kennedy, in order to supposedly prevent another apocalypse. So while the rest of the team goes on their own crazy adventures, Allison ends up being a crucial part of this JFK plot.

It turns out she got personally involved when Number Five was threatened by his former employers, who said that if he didn’t complete the mission, they would kill his mother before he was born. When Allison wonders why she would care, it is revealed that Number Five’s mother was actually pregnant with twins and the other brother was Luther. So, in order to prevent her lover from dying before she was even born, she ends up being forced to help with Number Five’s mission.

Allison ends up being the main part of the plan, after Number Five asks her employers at Temps Aeternalis to perform surgery to reconstruct her vocal cords. So she dresses up as Jackie, JFK’s wife, and whispers to the president, “I heard a rumor that the back of your head is going to explode.” And the rest is history…literally.

However, it’s an event that once again causes the family to fall apart, especially Luther, who is disgusted to learn what Allison did – even if it was to save his life and the world, it’s worth it. hard to remember.

During the third Umbrella Academy miniseries, Hotel Oblivion, Allison continues to work on Vanya’s recovery, helping her with her physical therapy. The mother says Allison is being selfish, wondering why she isn’t using her powers to get her sister to recover once and for all. However, she says that is not how it works and asks him not to make the situation worse. Apparently, Allison wants Vanya to recover through her own efforts, even to fix her mistakes.

Allison goes on a mission with Number Five again, this time to break into the Perseus Corporation, a corporation that has built chairlifts to enter Hotel Oblivion, the interdimensional prison for super criminals created by Reginald Hargreeves. In this story, we also discover that Allison is legally forbidden from approaching her own daughter, Claire, in addition to being implied that she may have used her powers to trick her ex-husband into believing that he was in love with her.


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