The villains | Review: A heist film, animated and with something more

Are you ready to meet the bad guys? We will stay. The new animation of Dream works with the title the villains (The villains2022) presents itself as a fun bet, with a heist plot, and of course without failing to convey a cute message too….already classic stuff for the animation genre, isn’t it?

And since 1+1 equals 2, here we have a combination that works very well. After all, it’s not only because of this that the feature film stands out, but also because of the technical part that the film delivers. The animation here really makes it look like we’re seeing the story of the pages jump across the screen – the feature is based on the work of Aaron Blabey. Think something like Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse only with pastel colors and a sunny climate, that’s what we have in The villains.

Here, the traits of the production team really take the film to another level where it’s basically impossible not to drool over the graphics as we see these villains plotting their heists and antics around the city.

The first 15 minutes are so much fun, so infectious, and really set the tone for the movie. Here, immediately, we know the Mr. Wolf (voice of Romulo Estrela in the dubbed version and Sam Rockwell in the original) and the Mr. Snake (voice of Sergio Guize in the dubbed version and Marc Maron in the original), two best friends, crooks, and the baddest in town.

Photo: © 2022 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All rights reserved.

They are ready for another assault, any day for them, where good humor and a sense of camaraderie help them get the job done where nothing will get in the way of this duo, let alone a few obstacles in the middle of the way will be able to put end to the “grace” of the moment.

Thus, the team formed by the Mr Piranha (voice of Luis Lobianco in the dubbed version and Anthony Ramos in the original version), by hacker MRS. Tarantula (voice of Nyvi Estephan in the dubbed version and awkwafina in the original version), and even the master of disguises, the Mr. Shark (voice of Babu Santana in the Brazilian version and Craig Robinson in the original version) are ready for another day of work. For them, these tough, experienced guys, the best of the best, nothing can go wrong. And really nothing gives, to the despair, of course, of the chief of police (voice of Alex Borstein in the original version).

But of course, this group wants more – I mean Mr. Lobo wants it – and the criminal underworld starts to get small for these big rascals. And so to try to strike, and above all to put a smile on the face of the Mayor Diana (voice of Agatha Moreira in the dubbed version and Zazie Beetz in the original version), Mr. Lobo has a foolproof plan to enact and induct them into the Criminal Hall of Fame: steal a coveted trophy that is only given to the kindest and most generous. An easy thing like taking candy from a child, isn’t it? But that’s where the confusion starts to go awry for this gang and what causes the funniest bits of the movie.

While they’re caught (well, the police chief thinks) with their pants down (literally!), Mr. Wolf, of course, has a plan up his sleeve. Another. What if they tried to be good, the Nice Guys? Thus, it will be up to Professor Marmalade (with the voice of Richard Ayoade in the original version) to follow this lesson in the greatest style my lovely lady and give meaning to the head of this group. And this is where the text of Etan Cohen and Hilary Winston he does the villains differentiate themselves, being just an animation on the fly and gain more interesting tunes with some of the plot twists that take along the trajectory of these characters becoming good guys.

Photo: © 2022 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All rights reserved.

So, the villains puts the viewer to follow the lessons of the pompous professor with his new pupils (with costumes and guinea pigs involved) who guarantee good times with kittens trapped in the trees and inhabit on social networks. And of course, it wouldn’t be a heist movie, or a movie like that, if we didn’t have betrayals, secrets revealed and, of course, twist after twist. I admit that while watching the film, in some cases, I was like: “Uh, I have this one.” other “I knew X was involved in some way and so on. the villains really gets a tremendous boost in its final moments with a heist of the century in progress, where the group needs to come together and forge unexpected alliances to get out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into and especially out of prison (some have need to release first, but here without spoiler).

At the end, the villains delivers start-to-finish fun with a sharp storyline and charismatic characters that will make you want to spend more time with them once the movie is over. Without a doubt.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

the villains hits theaters March 17 Universal images.

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