The zombie parody that surprised Cannes

Flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, blood and beheadings. This is how the 75th anniversary of the festival was celebrated thanks to a controversial choice for the opening film. Cut!, by Michel Azanavicius, zombie comedy with Romain Duris and Bérenice Bejo. Controversy for being called before Z and many voices thought that the timing was bad for the festival to open with a film whose title could refer to a message of support for the Russian troops, but above all because it is a remake in Dead, alive, camera, action! (2017, available on Spamflix), by Shin”ichorô Ueda, about a B series film crew making a bad zombie movie, but also because it seems like a fair choice to please the French industry – it has become the rule that the opening of the film has a preview in France on the same day. The good news is that Cut! surprises, importing even the best ideas into the Japanese original. It’s an interesting parable about meta references to so-called cult cinema. small budget it’s bad. He also has a very well executed sense of slapstick and physical humor. This zombie camera offers in its first 20 minutes a game to the public: to survive the “bad cinema” on purpose.

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