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Financial difficulties have accompanied Boavista for 15 years. The club, being very big, was able to survive and remain competitive in I Liga. But it’s not yet Boavista.

Fans dream of the revival of European evenings, many of them in the Champions League. When will the return of UEFA competitions, from which the people of Porto have been absent for two decades?

qI have known Gérard Lopez since 2012, the year I stopped playing and we met


Petit gives the possible answers, brutally honest, talks about the management of SAD, the investor Gérard Lopez and the specter of unpaid wages.

A nice interview with zerozeroinside the legendary Bessa stadium.

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Gerard López is the majority shareholder of the checkered SAD

zerozero – Boavista has not participated in European competitions for 20 years. Is it urgent to bring the club back into UEFA competitions?

Small- Urgent, urgent, it’s on our fans’ minds. And mine too, as a good visitor that I am (laughs). How do we want to get there? He doesn’t go once and come back. You have to arrive solidly, consolidated. We have to work with all departments and spend many years in European competitions. I don’t know if it’s going to take two or three years, I don’t know. We will work on a daily basis, be demanding in each department, improve, know that the fans want it and move forward step by step. We will have a competitive team, at the level of fan demand. This is what I promise, so that there is harmony between all.

zz – There was a period of understanding, so to speak, after his return to I Liga. But Boavista will start the eighth in a row at this level and the club’s discourse must go beyond maintenance…

P- I never talked about maintenance, it’s a word I never use in this club.

zz – Isn’t it better to aim for European competitions, even if the goal isn’t reached afterwards? In the background, raise the requirement, at least in the discourse out?

P- Managing expectations is thankless. You have to be smart, in four games everything can change. I am a good visitor, I know the financial difficulties, but we still have ambition. We were ninth? We want to be eighth or seventh. And how are we going to get there? We have never been close to UEFA seats in these seven years of I Liga. You have to prepare well, it can’t be just one season. We all want a strong Boavista like in the past.

zz – Will we have a Boavista investing in the squad for the 2021/22 season?

P- In the past two years, we have had big name players, athletes from overseas, even for the new investor. But you have to know the Portuguese championship. It’s competent, competitive. We can look at another market, for Liga II, for Liga 3, we are attentive and that is why we created the observation service.

zz – Will a Boavista bet more on the home market?

P- Yes, above all we want players like Boavista. They must know where they come from, know the demands of the fans and the reality of Portuguese football.

zz – Will you pay particular attention to the central elements? Usually uses three and this time almost all of them had a lot of problems.

P- James [Ilori] was loaned by Sporting. Then we have Porozo, Rodrigo [Abascal]o Reggie [Cannon] – very interesting for our idea – and we are open to all positions. There are coveted players who can leave, but I think we are ready.

zz – Who’s going to leave, for sure?

P- Anyone who does good business for the club.

zz – And who would you really like to retain for the next season?

P- There are a few that I didn’t want to lose (laughs). Our president knows it. Musa, Makouta, Seba [Pérez]Management [Cannon], Nathan, Hamache, Porozo, are coveted players, a sign that they have done a good job, and that I would like to continue to see in Boavista. Who would you like to hold? All that and even Gustavo Sauer himself, but that’s the reality of clubs. We have to be prepared for this. The president is doing a remarkable job in this regard, Boavista has always been like that, the Boavista of old. I sold one player per season and put him back in the budget for the year. Value and sell. It will go through it and Boavista will have this strategy to amortize past debts and look higher.

zz – What role and what connection did Mr. Gérard Lopez, investor and main shareholder of SAD, have?

P- I have known him since 2012, when I had a date with him when I stopped playing. I haven’t seen it here yet. I know he is always listening to the president, he is our boss, he is always ready to help, he has made the club grow. He helped set up the training camps, downstairs house, breakfast and lunch room which allows us to bring food home. The president is the one who always talks to him and I know he helped us. It’s more a question for the president. He was there a short time ago, you could have asked him (laughs).

zz – The theme was recurring throughout the time. Much has been said about arrears in Boavista. What can Petit say to the fans?

P- It’s normal that there is a week [de atraso], five/six days. But since I’ve been here… no. It may have happened the other way, receive in advance [risos]. The president complied.

zz – Can the fans be calm about this?

P- It’s normal [falar sobre isso], it is not only in Boavista. The clubs have gone through a difficult phase. Covid-19, the lack of supporters, there were no sponsorships, lack of income, televisions that did not pay, football is difficult when there is no income. Now a 15 day delay is normal, not just on Boavista. For now, Boavista is right. We expect to go on vacation at will (laughs). It is a commitment that the president always has with the players. You can walk there for a week, three/four days, ten, but then you do it right.

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