Top Gun – Maverick: Tom Cruise says he would never release the film in streaming, understand why

The sequel to the classic Top Gun is already showing in preview, after being acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival.

36 years after the classic film indomitable aces, Tom Cruise starts Top Gun: Maverickthe long-awaited sequel that debuted praise from the international press (and AdoroCinema too!). promising lots of stunts and exciting momentsthe feature film was acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival, where the franchise star Impossible mission gave several interviews. In these, the young man reaffirms his love for more traditional cinema and opposes releases on streaming platforms.

Tom Cruise Would Never Stream Top Gun 2

Everyone knows that movies with Tom Cruise suffered production and/or launch delays due to the coronavirus pandemic – which has closed movie theaters around the world. But that didn’t change the star’s mind about the release Top Gun 2 and The next chapters of the Mission Impossible saga on the big screen. On the contrary, it only reinforced such a need, according to him. When asked if he would be able to cast Marverick, Cruise was adamant, using the word “Never” repeatedly.

“Look at all of us here, together,” he said, pointing to the theater where the interview took place. “We all come together. We all speak different languages, we come from different cultures, we have different ideas about art, film or ways of telling stories, but we come together when we come together as community and that we share experiences,” Cruise said. He soon added of his experience in the market, “There’s a very specific way to make a movie for the theater and I make movies for the big screen. . Cinema is my love. This is my passion. I always go to the movies when they come out – I put my hat on and sit in the audience with everyone. I go in, I want to see the trailers.

Recently, Tom Cruise said that Mission Impossible 7 saved cinema from the coronavirus pandemicas it was one of the first films to be made during the epidemic, being responsible for thousands of jobs. Despite some production issues.tapings are complete and the star is set to begin developing the franchise’s eighth film — which promises to be Cruise’s farewell to agent Ethan Hunt.

When is Top Gun 2 coming out?

The official debut of Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled for May 27 in theaters, but some previews are already taking place in Brazilian cities. The story features the return of the character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), an old-school Navy pilot who collects decorations, but his career hasn’t taken off since the first film. He went from captain to instructor, who still remains the same rebellious pilot, pushing the limits and defying death.

In this new adventure, Maverick must prove that the human factor is still fundamental in the contemporary world of technological wars. At the same time, the protagonist leads a group of young pilots and among them is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller) — son of Goose (Anthony Edwards), Maverick’s friend in the first film, but who met a tragic fate. if the classic best gun had the soundtrack “Take My Breath Away”, which won the Oscar for original song, the new film is now wrapped by “Hold My Hand” (from Lady Gaga).

Kelly McGillis revealed she wasn’t invited to a sequel because of her agebut the cast is still made up of Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell and Monica Barbarian.

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