What is the difference between Disney+ and Star+?

Since its launch in August this year, the Star Plus streaming platform has captured the public’s attention with its catalog filled with acclaimed television productions. You will find series of different genres, such as Grey’s Anatomyfrom ABC, and american horror story, from FX. Who likes The simpsons You can also enjoy more than thirty seasons of Fox animation on the service.

All of this is only possible because Disney owns all of these stations. But why did the company turn to creating new streaming, when Disney Plus was already available in Brazil? If you are curious to know more about this topic, stay tuned for all the topics we will cover in the text below!

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Why did Disney create Star Plus in Brazil?

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In general, streaming services have made it possible to create niche content, that is, content produced for different, even if very specific, audiences. However, that wasn’t Disney’s main line of thinking when it decided to invest in developing its own streaming platform. Basically, Disney Plus was born to appeal to the whole family in general, from grandparents to grandchildren.

Thus, on the platform, in addition to the nostalgic productions released by the company over the years, the new and original content that emerges can be watched by everyone, collectively, without worrying about the rating. In the case of other productions owned by the company, in the United States there is Hulu, another streaming service in which Disney has a large shareholding.

On Hulu, there are even productions based on Marvel comics that wouldn’t have space on Disney Plus. This is the case of runaways, Helstrom and MODOK, due to footage deemed violent or inappropriate for all audiences. Despite this, Hulu became exclusive in the United States and Japan, mainly due to the availability of live TV channels.

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Thus, in order not to distort the platform, its creators have decided not to extend its content internationally, seeking an allocation in very specific markets. In Canada, for example, Hulu does not work, as there are already mechanisms to display the country’s live channels on digital services. The same is true in Latin America.

Based on this, Star Plus emerged as a solution for the availability of general Disney content in Brazil and neighboring countries, especially broadcasters such as ABC, ESPN, Fox, FX and Freeform, in addition to other broadcast productions by third parties, who also have social rights.

Learn more about the Disney Plus and Star Plus catalog

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Watch movie premieres, classics and sagas, your favorite series and exclusive releases, animated comedies, original productions and live sports with ESPN.

At Disney+in addition to exclusive resources such as Premier Access, which brings films simultaneously with those released in theaters, there are productions from Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star Wars.

Disney Channel series and feature films, for example, can also be found streaming. In this way, there is original content from all the companies mentioned above and many titles related to them have already been announced to arrive on the platform soon.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues in full swing with the Disney Plus Original Series. the first of them, Wanda Visionwhose episodes aired between January and March of this year, had good results, according to the filmmakers’ expectations and won over subscribers.

One of the advantages of the platform is the organization of these types of content, which can be watched in a marathon chronologically or in order of release. Most of the Marvel movies are now available, as well as animations from the Star Wars universe and Disney animated classics. Thanks to the search bar, it is possible to view the collections classified through the decades in which they are inserted.

During this time, the Star Plus offers a wide range of films and series with more serious narratives or adult language. Violence and sex scenes are also displayed in these contents, which would not be in line with the Disney Plus proposal. In this sense, everything (or almost everything) that belongs to Disney and is not present in its main stream can be available in this stream.

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In this context, it should be noted that both platforms have very similar mechanics, differing only in their respective contents. If you are interested in both streams, you can take advantage of the offer of a must-have combo with both subscriptions. The Disney Plus price is R$27.90/month and the Star Plus price is R$32.90/month. In the monthly combo, you only pay R$45.90.

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Subscribe now to the Disney+ with Star+ combo at a special price to guarantee you the best of both programs without having to choose between one or the other!

Did you like? So be sure to check it out! Watch your favorite TV shows and movies through the Disney Plus and Star Plus apps.

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