what to expect from the sequel to the film about André Luiz

Although we’ve waited over a decade, the sequel to the long “Our House” (2010), absolute box office success in theatersfinally takes off.

THE ticket.com was invited last week to accompany a daily taping of the new film, which is set in Rio de Janeiro. On a night when actors such as Edson Celulari, Fábio Lago, Aline Prado and Nando Brandão were shooting standout scenes from the sequence, director Wagner de Assis gave an exclusive interview, revealing surprises about the sequel and the future of the franchise.

First, the filmmaker makes it a point of honor to gather the whole team in a circle to release good energies before the start of the work. In a good mood, he plays with the actors, extras and producers, making the atmosphere light and pleasant. One of the technical professionals even comments that he has worked with Wagner for years and that the director’s sets are the best environments he has ever worked in.

A trained journalist, Wagner released his first feature film in 2005. Since then, he’s had a busy schedule filled with supernatural-themed films: “The Indigo Girl” (2016), “Kardec” (2018) and the upcoming “Nobody’s Own” are some of them. However, the filmmaker points out that the term “spiritualist film” does not include it:

“It’s contradictory. Cinema is cinema, spiritism is spiritism. But one offers the other a source of stories which, for me, seems endless,” he explains. he.

The director comments that he enjoys spiritual matters in general and has developed rationally on spiritualist doctrine. The study aroused a fascination all the greater because, for him, spiritualism is not dogmatic and has the capacity to converse with several other doctrines. When asked what motivates the development of his projects, he explains that the stories that approach the subject constitute a very rich material for his works:

“It’s a combination of factors. Sometimes one has more weight than the other. But I would say the main thing is when I find a good story. A really sensational story, wherever it is,” says he. “I have always liked good stories, because they say a lot about the human condition”, adds the filmmaker.

The director remembers his first feature film, “The Fortune Teller” (2005), in which the plot had a slight supernatural touch. He said that from there he decided to further explore this narrative aspect in his works, as the subject also arouses personal interest:

“We don’t stop because when we can understand that what people write speaks about the human condition, it becomes fascinating. And then, since I started now, I need to make choices that talk. You can’t spend years doing something that doesn’t affect you at all. It’s a lot of work. So it’s a bit of a combination of those two things,” Wagner explains.

“The other condition is personal research. Spirituality is our last frontier, the human spirit is our last frontier, and we should examine it a lot, from a scientific, philosophical point of view, because that is what that it is. The consequences are that they are religious.”

more projects

“Our House 2 – The Messengers” is the third film project Wagner has been working on in sequence, returning at a brisk pace after the pandemic hiatus. The filmmaker recently finished filming the feature film “Nobody is for nobody”, based on the book of the same name by Zíbia Gasparetto, and is preparing to release the documentary “Chico Para Semper”.

In an impressive work, which includes more than 80 interviews, Wagner works in partnership with Marcel Souto Maior, author of the bestseller “As Vidas de Chico Xavier”, the basis of the screenplay. The director shows anxiety for the premiere of the documentary, a project that has the potential to tell the story of the medium Chico Xavier, for whom Wagner has a deep admiration, known to people around the world.

Returning to film sets has been difficult, with mass testing for the entire crew and extra precautions. Wagner is pleased with the return, especially after assessing the moments of uncertainty each of us faces. However, he does not fail to analyze the complex scenario of today’s art directors:

“By extension, the cultural aspect of a society, which is a bit like its soul, has also been very shaken. At a certain point, artistic production disappeared, disappeared. And art is the expression of human spirit”, laments Wagner. “But I feel like everyone is very eager to stop being the ‘new normal’ and go back to being ‘normal normal’,” he jokes, hoping for better days.

“Our House 2 – Os Mensageiros” adapts the second book in the “Life in the Spiritual World” series, which has a total of 13 copies. The first film directed by Wagner was released 12 years ago and took four million people to cinemas in Brazil. Worldwide, “Our Home” has more than 50 million viewers – taking into account streaming data, VOD, cable TV channels and physical media, explains the director. With so many fans eagerly awaiting the sequel, Wagner explains what the movie will bring again this time around:

“‘Os Mensageiros’ is a book that actually delivers what was the proposal of the spirit of André Luiz, which was to talk about life in the spiritual world”, he contextualizes.

“It’s a very important book on mediumship. It begins by describing failed mediums, and I think that’s very important because it places mediumship as something that can be questioned, if it doesn’t. ‘s not reputable, ethical and correct. Mistakes happen, decisions can be made the wrong way. I understand that in this film there is a lot more added to the idea that there is life after life These relationships that we show in the first film, that there are embodied and disembodied, they go way beyond what was explored in the first feature film, now they are relationships of failed life projects , common projects that may not work on guardian angels, that is, the image of the angel is remade in this sense of this untouchable being, who is far from us, and we bring to the public the idea of ​​the mentor, of the protector, that is to say that there are countless drawings in history”, emphasizes gene Wagner.

Given the resounding success of the first feature film, both inside and outside the country, it is to be expected that the literary series will give rise to a fruitful cinematic saga. Well, if it depends on the filmmaker, “Our Home 2” is just the start of a huge project, capable of spawning multiple big-screen sequels:

“I really want to talk about Liberation, which is a spectacular book. I want it and I have the rights to it, so I’m going to work on it. There’s also ‘Missionnaires de la Lumière’, which tells a series of expeditions to Earth they’re doing and, to me, that’s an absurd paradigm shift,” Wagner points out.

“I really want to be able to do this, I’m working on it. This movie is the second step, and I hope it’s one of many steps. I’m not being falsely humbled or anything, but we have the rights and we will work on it.”, explains the director, enthusiastic about the promising future of the franchise.

The synopsis of the feature film explains that, in this new story, André Luiz (Renato Prieto) is part of a group of messenger spirits who leave for Earth to follow the unfolding of a mission that risks failing: the creation of work that connects the two worlds.

In the process, they also face their own dramas. The doctor, whose story was told in the first film, embarks on a journey led by Aniceto (Edson Celulari). Together, they dedicate themselves to caring for three proteges whose stories are intertwined: Otávio (Felipe de Carolis), a young medium who hasn’t fulfilled his mission plan; Isidoro (Mouhamed Harfouch), head of a spiritualist house; and Fernando (Rafael Sieg), entrepreneur responsible for financing the project.

The filming of “Nosso Lar 2 – Os Mensageiros” is in full swing and the recordings are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The film’s premiere is scheduled for 2023, with no specific date yet.

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