WhatsApp: a new function will make you “invisible” when you leave a group

O WhatsApp receives constant updates. After releasing the ability to add up to 512 people in a group, messaging is developing a feature that will allow the user to leave a group without other members being notified.

As usual, the news was discovered by the specialized site Wabetainfo. In short, the new feature will make the user “invisible” when leaving an application group. In practice, only administrators will be notified of the exit.

More privacy on WhatsApp

The new feature will bring more privacy to users because currently when they leave a group, everyone is notified of the action by the app. The feature was found in the beta for Desktop, but will likely be released for all versions of Messenger.

WhatsApp plans to roll out a paid business plan

O WhatsApp Premium is a subscription plan developed by Meta to be implemented in WhatsApp Business. The first details of the modality were found by the Wabetainfo website, in beta updates for Android, iOS and Desktop

According to the conclusions, the novelty will only be released for commercial accounts, being optional for the user, that is, it will be up to the company to join it or not. THE WhatsApp Premium will offer the ability to link the account on up to 10 devices.

Additionally, the messenger must also allow the user to create personalized commercial links. Currently, businesses can already use short links to allow customers to get in touch easily, however, the Premium version will allow links to be differentiated.

However, it is not yet possible to have more details about the novelty, since the modality has not been officially released. In this way, information such as: when it will be published, what value, resources included, will only be published in the future.

Users will be able to request UBER through the messaging apps

A great novelty should arrive in Brazil. This Thursday (19), Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi revealed that it will soon be possible to request a Uber trip via Whatsapp.

The manager’s confirmation came during the Conversations conference during a panel with Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg.

It is important to emphasize that order an Uber by WhatsApp is already a function available overseas. In India, for example, since December 2021, it is possible to contact the Uber chatbot via Messenger and request a ride by informing the destination.

The app then brings information that the driver is on the way, such as license plate and car model. Khosrowshahi also revealed that the partnership with WhatsApp in India has worked well in attracting new users to the service and that he plans to expand the feature to other countries including Brazil.

“Brazil too, of course,” he commented.

The international expansion of the project had already been reported by Uber in 2021, when the resource began to be offered in India. However, it is important to clarify that there is still no forecast as to when the Brazilians will be able to order Uber by whatsapp.

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