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O WhatsApp can allow in the normal version of the application the functionality of chat filtering, already available in WhatsApp Business. The news was shared last Tuesday (10) by the specialized website WABetaInfo, which indicated that the function is currently under development. The chat filtering option allows for better organization of conversations, with different chats grouped under the same umbrella. In the screenshot shared by the portal, you can see the filter icon in the app interface. Check out what the feature will look like and everything we know about it so far below.

WhatsApp could gain a feature to group messages — Photo: Reproduction/Pexels

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What will this new feature look like?

According to WABetaInfo, the feature – which is under development – should reach the beta version of the application for android, iPhone (iOS) and desktop in a future update. The feature will allow standard accounts to also have access to advanced search filters in the app, similar to what happens in WhatsApp Business. Thus, it will be easier to manage the different chats, keeping the messenger more organized.

It is not possible to say with certainty what the final version of the function will look like if it actually reaches the messenger. However, if you follow the pattern found by WABetaInfo, the functionality should not differ much from the system found in Business. Thus, it will be possible, for example, to group chats sent by contacts and by people you have not added.

According to what has been leaked so far, there will be four grouping possibilities: unread conversations, messages sent by contacts, by unsaved contacts and even groups. When you select unread chats, for example, all unread chats will appear on the screen – and the same goes for other categories.

WABetainfo screenshot shows how the Super Filter feature should work — Photo: Disclosure / WABetainfo

Will this work for all cats?

According to what was found by WABetaInfo, if applied as it is in development, super filters should work for all standard chats and accounts in the WhatsApp. However, it’s worth remembering that since the feature is still in production and hasn’t reached the beta version available to the testing public, it’s possible that how it works will change.

Will there be a grouping limit?

It is not possible to know for the moment if there will be a limit of conversations per group. However, if it works like WhatsApp Business, it will be possible to divide all the existing chats in your mailbox between the available categories.

There has been no official statement yet from Meta, the company behind WhatsApp — Photo: Disclosure/SOPA Images/Getty Images

Will this change how notifications work?

If you follow the model applied in the WhatsApp Business, the new message filtering feature will not change how notifications work, i.e. they should remain as they are now. The only difference is that the super chat feature will be static in the app interface, allowing users to filter the type of chat they want to see with just a click.

So when you open the app, you can, for example, browse only conversations that haven’t been read yet, or content sent by someone who hasn’t saved the contact on their smartphone.

The testing phase for new WhatsApp features usually takes a few months — Photo: Disclosure/Pexels

The feature is still in the development phase – that is, so far even most beta users don’t have access to the Super Filter feature. For this reason, there is no release date for the novelty, not even the certainty that it will actually reach the stable version of the application.

with information from WABetainfo

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