When Ms. Marvel debuts on Disney+?

The newest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) already has an arrival date – and with a very different imprint to the last stories we’ve seen on streaming and in theaters. After moon knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness adopt much heavier tones in their storylines, it’s time to M/s. wonder bring a lighter tone to the world of heroes.

The new series is coming to Disney+ next June 8 with that more adolescent tone that the first trailer already made abundantly clear. And it’s precisely this more adolescent approach that has made the character so successful in the comics – so much so that many people consider him the Spider-Man of the new times – and which has it all in the new MCU series.

Who is Mrs. Wonder

To understand all of this comic book appeal and how it’s projected into the new series, you need to know who we’re talking about. Even because the name M/s. wonder it’s been in the comics since 1976, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Kamala Khan that it gained the weight and projection we have today.

For a long time, the Ms. Marvel heroine was Carol Danvers – whom the MCU once introduced to us as Captain Marvel. The character has never been very expressive in the comics timeline, serving much more as a supporting role for the Avengers and the X-Men themselves than being truly relevant. And that only changed in 2012, when she rose to the rank of captain and took on bigger flights.

Ms. Marvel’s look in the comics will be recreated very well in the MCU (Image: Handout/Marvel Coomics)

It was in the meantime that the title of Ms. Marvel was left vacant and the likeable Kamala Khan appeared, a young woman who would have been a fan of Carol Danvers and who one day discovers herself with powers. So, like any fangirl, she embraces the personality of her idol and decides to follow in the same footsteps.

In short, it seems pointless. However, what made Kamala such a popular character was precisely the layers and details of her build, which differed greatly from what other teen Marvel heroes had offered up until then.

Starting with the ethnic component. The young girl is the daughter of Pakistani immigrants and is torn between this cultural heritage and the desire to be an ordinary young man from Jersey, where her stories are set. And since the first stories were written by a Muslim woman, G. Willow Wilson, all of these elements came together very well to give the heroine a very fun and different personality, surrounded by equally fun secondary characters and in stories that took advantage of all this lightness to bring something unique to the hero of the comics.

The character has a teenage stamp that makes her as interesting as Spider-Man (Image: Handout/Marvel Comics)

The character has a teenage stamp that makes her as interesting as Spider-Man (Image: Handout/Marvel Comics)

And therein lies the big comparison that a lot of people make to Spider-Man’s genesis. Like classic Peter Parker, Kamala also has to divide her time between saving the day and taking care of family responsibilities, while trying to keep her identity a secret. It’s the same dynamic that has made generations identify with Friendly Neighbourhood, but in a much more 21st century way.

It is in this context that we are introduced for the first time to Kamala in All New Marvel Now Point One #1. In a story of only eight pages, we see not only her look and some of her powers, but also this difficult balance of two lives and all the ethnic load that she already delivers from the beginning.

It’s just in M/s. wonder #1, 2014, that all this is better developed. The magazine best portrays Kamala’s personality as a family-pressed teenager who just wants to be like the other girls at school, but also carries all the typical geek quirks – passion for superheroes, references to RPGs and underground films.

You can be sure: Ms. Marvel will soon meet Captain Marvel (Image: Handout/Marvel Comics)

You can be sure: Ms. Marvel will soon meet Captain Marvel (Image: Handout/Marvel Comics)

But that all changes when she finds out she’s an Inhuman. After coming into contact with the Terrigen Cloud – a component that awakens latent powers in members of this race – it awakens transmorphic abilities, i.e. allowing it to change the shape of its body as it sees fit. .

Still not understanding what’s going on and needing to save others involved in the mess that has gripped their town, her thoughtfulness and admiration for Carol Danvers turns her into classic Ms. Marvel: blond, tall, blue eyes and crime fighter in swimsuit. And it is still in this somewhat confused form that she realizes that she is capable of becoming giant or changing the size of only some of her limbs, such as arms and legs.

So, after venturing out a few more times pretending to be her heroine at heart, she decides to take on her own heroic persona and create an almost handmade uniform – in another parallel to good old Spider-Man. . And it is from there that she assumes herself as a new Ms. Marvel totally different from the previous one and even visited by Danvers at one point to find out what the mess is.

All the teenage fantasy has already been shown in the series' trailer (Image: Handout/Marvel Studios)

All the teenage fantasy has already been shown in the series’ trailer (Image: Handout/Marvel Studios)

From all of this, Kamala Khan has earned her definitive place within the Marvel Universe. As well as being part of her own team, the Champions – made up of teen heroes like Miles Morales, Nova, Vision’s daughter and a Cyclops from the past – she fought alongside great medallions like Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain Marvel herself.

What to expect from the series

Only the beginnings of M/s. wonder in the MCU is going to be a little different than what the comics have presented to us so recently. While she remains this teenager fascinated by the world of superheroes and swinging between two lives as the daughter of immigrants, her powers have been altered for her series.

The trailer already explained how Kamala's powers will work (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The trailer already explained how Kamala’s powers will work (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The big point that was confirmed by trailer is that Kamala isn’t that shape-shifter from the comics, as her abilities seem to have much more to do with energy manipulation than this bodily malleability. This means that the character’s signature punch she throws when she thrusts her fist will be replaced with a large hand of energy fired at her enemies.

The reason for the change hasn’t been revealed, but the actress who inhabits the character has previously said she doesn’t care about the change. According to Iman Vellani, her big concern and the series itself has always been to stay true to the essence and identity of Kamala and that this will be present in the six episodes that will arrive on Disney+ in a few weeks. “She could pull sausages out of her fingers, as long as she still had her journey of self-discovery,” the actress explains.

In any case, the curiosity around M/s. wonder still valid – since it’s precisely her identity and personality that has made her so beloved in the comics. This is all because the new MCU series is a possible gateway to new audiences for this superhero world. After all, after 14 years of stories, it’s still nice to see a concern for welcoming new fans and showing how varied and interesting these characters can be.

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