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Where are the Mercadona lizards, the national biscuits sold in Spain, made?

More than 6,500 half-kilo packs are sold every day in the chain’s Spanish stores. They are produced in a bakery in Mafra.

They are the favorite of the whole family.

The Spaniards may not know where the Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves is, but they are the main culprits for the stock shortage of a specialty that comes out of this Portuguese factory. More than 6,500 units of lizards are sold daily in the chain’s stores in Spain, a dry biscuit with a hint of lemon. The demand is such that they are often sold out.

Before opening the first supermarket in Portugal – in 2019 – the Spanish retailer started working with Portuguese producers. Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves lizards are one of the best-selling national products in Spain, the numbers prove it.

In chain stores it is under the Hacendado brand that you will find them on the shelves. They are sold in packs of 500 grams and cost €1.45. According to the producers, it is one of the oldest Confeitaria recipes. It was founded in 1983 and has been producing these traditional lizards for over 35 years.

It is a recipe of more than 35 years, created by the founder, Carlos Gonçalves, and which has been a success since. It is a typically homemade product, the preparation of which has been adapted to current state-of-the-art technology which allows it to produce thousands of kilos per day,” the brand explains to NiT.

The factory located in Barril, in the region of Encarnação, in the municipality of Mafra, produces biscuits every day. “Currently, Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves has the collaboration of 130 employees and the turnover has been increasing year by year.”

They are made with wheat flour, sugar, vegetable margarine, water, salt and pasteurized eggs. For 100 grams, they have 454 calories. At Mercadona they are sold in packs of 500 grams. In other supermarkets in the country, where they are also available – but without the Hacendado brand – you can find 750 gram packs.

These lizards are sold in Mercadona stores in Spain, but also in the 33 spaces that the chain already has in Portugal. These are not the only sweets that Confeitaria produces for the chain. The other suggestion coming out of Mafra for the whole Iberian Peninsula is the cinnamon biscuits – which also cost €1.45 for 500 grams.

Lizards can also be found in several supermarkets across the country.

“In addition to lizards and cinnamon biscuits, we produce other well-known references to the Portuguese palate: palms, deer’s tongues, cat’s tongues, churros and chocolate supremes.” You can find them in the bakery section of supermarkets all over the country.

Read the label carefully to see if you are buying any of these products. specialties that the Spaniards are beginning to discover. For now, Confeitaria does not know if Mercadora will be interested in selling other varieties of cookies it produces, but the truth is that since the partnership was concluded, sales have increased.

Apart from the lizards, there is another Portuguese product that, since 2020, has been driving Spaniards crazy: a 99% cocoa chocolate bar. It is produced in factory from Imperial, to Azurara, to Vila do Conde. It is prepared with cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

This national company also produces the Regina, Jubileu and Pantagruel brands. It is also with the Hacendado label that you can discover these tablets on the shelves of the Spanish chain. More than eight thousand units are sold per day in Spain.

Mercadona’s 34th store is inaugurated in Montijo in July. The brand’s newest supermarket was open in Setúbal at the end of June. The opening in Oeiras could take place later this summer.

Marco de Canaveses, Lousada, Gondomar, Oliveira de Azeméis and Figueira da Foz are some of the locations already announced for 2023.

Click through the gallery to see some of the Portuguese products you can find for sale in Mercadona stores.

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