Who is the “Kremlin hawk”, the most powerful man (after Putin) and who can succeed the current president? – Observer

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Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, has been presented as a likely successor to Vladimir Putin, if not a temporary replacement –, in case the current president of Russia has to leave for health reasons.

The hypothesis was put on the table in the face of constant rumors that the Russian leader would be “in very poor physical and psychological condition”, in the words of the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, Kyrylo Budanov. Or in those of a Russian oligarch who, in a conversation seen by New Lines magazine, admitted that Putin is “very sick with blood cancer”.

Ukrainian military secret chief assures: Vladimir Putin “is very ill” with cancer

Successor to Putin or not, the truth is that Nikolai Patrushev is part of the inner circle of the Russian leader. They are friends, “they think the same way”, described the historian and political scientist Valerij Solovej, cited Hair The World:


They are made of the same material. Both have a secret, extremely simple objective. Avoiding Dangers to the Stateensuring a gradual transition decided by them and not called into question by internal and external issues”.

According to the same Spanish newspaper, it was Patrushev who assured Putin of a “swift and unconditional victory” in Zelensky’s country.

Multimedia report in Andriivka. X-ray of a village under Russian occupation for 30 days

Incidentally, Ben Noble, associate professor of Russian politics at University College London these to the BBC: “The main battle cry was his [Patrushev] and there is the idea that Putin has moved to his most extreme position”.

O “Kremlin Falcon” famous for “Fiery nationalism, conspiratorial worldview and vast experience in espionage”, as Politico wrote in 2017, was born in the city of Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Patrushev is the son of a veteran of the so-called “Great Patriotic War” and his mother is said to have been a nurse during the Siege of Leningradthen in the Soviet Union, during the Second World War.

Battle of Moscow. After all, the Germans were not invincible.

A year after completing his studies at the Institute of Shipbuilding, he was recruited at the age of 24 into the KGB, where he eventually became head of the anti-smuggling and anti-corruption unit of the USSR secret service – and he meets Vladimir Putin, of whom he has become a close friend.

Minister of Security of the Republic of Karelia between 1992 and 1994, Nikolai Patrushev joined the FSB, successor to the KGB, a year later, of which Putin would be the director between July 1998 and August 1999. When his companion left to become Prime Minister of Russia , he was invited by Boris Yeltsin to take the post. He has always been close and in tune with the current Russian leader, both in the FSB and later in the Russian Security Council – a very powerful body directly linked to Putin, which speaks out on military and security issues – where he has been secretary since 2008 . .

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