Why the Percy Jackson series has everything to be the new Harry Potter

To emulate the success of Harry Potter and create a truly popular franchise, the disney bet all your chips on the series of Percy Jackson. Originally announced in 2020, the upcoming production has great involvement from Rick Riordan, the author of the Olympians saga. Suffice to say that he has everything to masterfully adapt the plot of the books.

THE Magic Universe, on the other hand, is struggling. Embarrassed by JK Rowling’s bigoted statements, the controversy over the hiring (and subsequent trade) of Johnny Depp, and the poor critical reception of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, he is losing his influence and popularity by the day.

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Therefore, the Percy Jackson series must “replace” the legacy of Harry Potter and become a truly global phenomenon. Apparently Disney is on the right track.

We explain below everything that fans of Disney+ need to know about the development of the Percy Jackson series and its relationship to the Harry Potter universe, according to the CBR website.

Percy Jackson will be Disney+’s Harry Potter

For starters, the upcoming Percy Jackson series already surpasses Harry Potter in one very important aspect: it’s ready to overcome the shackles of the books and grow into the landscape of modernity.

THE black actress casting – young Leah Jeffries – as Annabeth Chase (who in the books is portrayed as white) is definitely a step in the right direction.

Comparing Annabeth’s role to that of Cho Chang, it’s clear that the Percy Jackson series is much more inclusive than the Harry Potter franchise.

It is worth remembering that in addition to representing one of the few non-white characters in the JK Rowling saga, Cho Chang is considered one of the most problematic characters in the franchise.mainly for having the name and characterization full of stereotypes.

besides Percy Jackson Series may serve as the “new Harry Potter” for a more modern generation of viewers.

The Disney+ project follows the story of Percy, Annabeth and Grover. But it does not stop there. Rick Riordan’s saga has derivatives in the Egyptian and Norse world, and therefore has plenty of material to adapt.

When adapting books for film or television, the longevity of the source material is extremely important. Also, a good strategy is to adapt stories that have already been completed – so that the same thing doesn’t happen with stories that have already been completed. final seasons of game of thrones.

That is to say, if viewers start watching the Percy Jackson series in high school, for example, they will remain fans of the franchise well into adulthood.

But that doesn’t mean Disney has a knife and cheese in hand. To create a successful adaptation, the platform must not only invest in casting representation, but also in the diversity behind the camera.

The Percy Jackson series on Disney+ is currently filming. She still doesn’t have a premiere date.

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