XR glasses promise to improve gaming portability by simulating a 120-inch screen

Imagine being able to play your favorite games or even watch a movie on the big screen virtually anywhere? That’s the idea behind the XR glasses, and it seems to have been well-received and successful, as its Kickstarter campaign has raised over $2.5 million. Slightly more than the original goal of just $20,000.

The XR glasses offer a kind of virtual screen for those who wear them, with functionality very similar to that of virtual reality and augmented reality devices, but they promise a somewhat different and improved experience.

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XR glasses support game and movie streaming services

The device can project a screen with a size of 120 inches and Full HD 1080p resolution, running at 60 fps right in front of the user. And since the screen is virtual, it can be “accessible” anywhere, such as on the bus, while traveling, in a cramped room, in the car (if the user is a passenger), among others.

It works as a kind of mixed reality device and was created by the American company Viture. To ensure a good connection, it supports Wi-Fi and 5G networks, as users also have access to streaming services for games, movies and series.

It is also possible to use the Bluetooth connection to access the game catalog of services for smartphones, such as xCloud and GeForce Now. It is as if the user is accessing the service on the mobile device, but projecting onto a much larger screen. And since they have access to streaming services, the XR glasses are also a great choice for watching movies and series on the go.

It is compatible with platforms like Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and others. In addition, it is also remotely compatible with the latest generation consoles, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. That is to say, it is possible to enjoy games on a 120-inch screen. anywhere without having to connect anything and be next to the video game.

Another interesting detail is that it is also compatible with any device that has a USB-C cable that provides video output and also power. This is the case for consoles and portable PCs such as the Steam Deck for example. Or even a notebook.

And especially for the Nintendo Switch, the company has developed a portable docking station that can be connected to the console and any other device with an HDMI port, such as TVs, computers and other consoles.

Know a little about the characteristics of XR glasses

XR Glasses

The XR glasses still have the shape and are designed like glasses, which means that it is a very light and easy to carry device. Weighing only 78 grams, it has an ergonomic design and still guarantees some additional features.

For smooth operation, the mixed reality device has a built-in directional speaker, with support for spatial audio technology to ensure greater immersion.

It also has an excellent heat dissipation system. To further enhance the user experience, Oculos XR has an electrochromic film on its lenses which is exclusive to the device and is able to lighten or darken these lenses depending on the lighting of the surrounding environment. of the user.

Best of all, those who already wear glasses don’t have to worry about putting one over the other or worry about not seeing well. XR glasses allow nearsighted people to adjust the degree, and can even be used in everyday life.

XR Glasses

The Viture One XR comes with a neckband responsible for streaming services and connections, and it weighs more than the device itself, at 170 grams. It has in its configuration a total of 2 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. To navigate between services and settings, you can use physical buttons.

On the battery side, it has a 3,200 mAh battery. According to the company, it guarantees up to 2 hours of gaming usage when using cloud games and up to 3 hours of streaming movies and series.

The mobile dock still functions as an additional power bank, with 12,000 mAh and support for 40W fast charging. Thanks to this, it can guarantee an additional 12 hours of use without having to wait approach a hold.

price and availability

The XR Viture One glasses are currently on a Kickstarter campaign, so anyone who wants to secure theirs can take the opportunity to pick them up at a more affordable price. Its release is scheduled for October 2022 and can be purchased in 3 kit options.

The first kit only has the glasses (for those who have a compatible Android smartphone with Bluetooth connection), and costs from 429 US$ (in direct conversion, it would be something around R$ 2,125 at the current price ). The second option is the kit with the glasses and the neckband, which is essential to ensure the connection with other mobile devices. In this case, the value is US$529 (about R$2,650 in direct conversion).

And the last kit is the one that comes with the glasses, the neck strap and the mobile dock to be connected to consoles, computers and televisions. This latest kit starts at US$629 (about R$3,100 in direct conversion).

These prices are only valid until May 25, when the campaign will end. Probably after that they will be sold for higher values.

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