You always go barefoot, Tom Sawyer, and up there are endless plains | Opinion

I was doing very well walking as usual on the precipices of my childhoodsoaked in dirt and dust and sand and salt, eyes in the storks and in the rocky monuments that are part of my skeleton, when my usual hiss returned to my lips. It’s always like this, that I find myself lost in superb metropolises or sneak through paradise islandswandering into meetings and conversations with everyone and anyone else, greeting donkeys and dogs or wonder at nature or human wonderit’s always like this: a whistle comes to my lips when I reach a certain travel zen, it’s my whistle, but the song is not mine, it’s all of us, above all, I imagine, those who arrive at the crisis of 50 years: it is the song of the credits of this fascination in the form of cartoons which enchanted my childhood and that of so many others: You see the boat passing / heading south / playing on the bow / would you like to be. / Fly high / above you / a great falcon, / you are the king, you are happy; / And when you / see the Mississippi, you / jump on the bridge / and fly with your mind. yes, it is our Tom Sawyer and its Portuguese song, icing on the cake of this animated series of excellent Japanese production, built from the stories that Marc Twain, this great travelerleft us.

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